Annie’s Project is an educational program that is designed in a format that enhances learning. There are two main formats that the program is offered. The first format accommodates smaller groups of 10-15 people and it spans in a period of five-to-six 3 hour sessions. The second format, the retreat, accommodates larger groups and usually will be offered in a two day 8 hour session.

Currently, there are two main curricular: Annie’s Project Level I-- Farm Business Management and Annie’s II—Managing for Today and Tomorrow. A sample of each curriculum is provided below. Each topic is selected to cater to the immediate needs of workshop participants and complemented with extra topics.

Annie’s Project Level I emphasizes the five areas of agricultural risk, namely production, marketing, financial, legal, and human resource risk.

  • Financial Risk – women and money, basic financial documentation, interpreting financial statements, enterprise analysis, USDA programs, and record keeping systems
  • Human Resource Risk – communication and management styles, insurance needs, and succession planning
  • Legal Risk – estate planning, farmland leasing, and employee management
  • Market Risk – access to market information and grain or livestock marketing
  • Production Risk – Natural Resources Conservation Service, web soil survey, and crop insurance

Annie’s II emphasizes transition and succession planning.

Managing for Today and Tomorrow is divided into the following planning areas:

  • Succession Planning -Transferring knowledge, skills, labor, management, control and ownership between generations.
  • Business Planning – Developing goals, strategies and actions that form a road map to business growth.
  • Estate Planning – Managing an individual’s asset base in one’s lifetime, at death or after death.
  • Retirement Planning – Designing an enjoyable and productive time in life.

Additional topics in past workshops include:

  • Agritourism
  • Market Maker
  • Program for Small Farmers
  • Farmer’s Markets

Workshop Related Resources can be found at Annie’s Project Resources.

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