Please note that these explanations are not a substitution for reading, understanding, and abiding by the industrial hemp law and regulations. Please visit the LDAF website for further information.

The laws that govern industrial hemp production in Louisiana can be found here: HB640. Amendments from ACT No. 336 were recently passed in 2021 and should also be read and understood. 


Seed Acquisition and Approval

All seed originating from out-of-state must be approved by LDAF prior to acquiring. Licensees must complete and submit a Seed Acquisition Request Form to LDAF for approval. A Variety Designation List along with Seed Source Contacts are published on the LDAF website.

Testing prior to harvest

Required reports

All commercial oil, fiber and seed production must be reported on a First Report of Planting form for each field, greenhouse, or growing structure to LDAF within 15 days of planting. All production and inventory of vegetative stock plants must be reported on a quarterly planting report to LDAF by March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, and December 31st for each field, greenhouse, and indoor growing structure.

Growers and seed producers are also required to report their hemp crop acreage to the USDA Farm Service Agency and provide the assigned FSA Lot ID numbers to LDAF at time of planting.

Before harvesting, licensees must complete and submit a Harvest Report to LDAF. Prior to destruction of any hemp plot,  licensees must complete and submit a Destruction Report to LDAF.


A licensee must destroy any harvested or unharvested industrial hemp plants resulting from either testing hot or other crop failures. Volunteer hemp plants must also be monitored and destroyed for at least three years after cultivation has occurred.

Approved Pesticides

The number of approved pesticides is limited in industrial hemp. The list includes 59 total pesticides which include mostly 25b minimum risk products and one conventional pesticide. Nine new bio-pesticides, which are derived from natural materials, were approved in 2019.

Miscellaneous Requirements

All licensed seed producers and growers are required to post an 18’’ x 24’’ sign at the main entrance of each field, and an 8.5’’ x 11’’ sign at the main entrance of each greenhouse, or indoor growing structure that contains the following: the statement ‘Louisiana Industrial Hemp Program’, their industrial hemp license number, and the LDAF industrial hemp program’s phone number. Sign templates are provided by LDAF at time of licensing.

LDAF has unrestricted access to all industrial hemp plants and all land and buildings that are used in the cultivation, handling, processing, and storage of industrial hemp. LDAF may sample and test any industrial hemp material at any time if LDAF believes a violation has occurred.