Peptide Synthesis

Ted Gauthier, Boudreaux, Charles M.

The Protein Facility offers both large and small scale peptide synthesis utilizing Protein Technologies Symphony and Tribute peptide synthesizers, both performing Fmoc synthesis and on-instrument cleavage of the peptide from the resin. The difficulty in synthesizing peptides is often dependent on length, composition, and sequence. Short peptides can sometimes be difficult to synthesize while some peptides longer than 30 residues are easily synthesized. It is a good idea to contact us before a synthesis is performed to discuss your peptide and the probability of success in the synthesis. Synthesis scales normally carried out in the facility are 25 µmol, 50 µmol, 100 µmol and 250 µmol. If you need a peptide synthesized on a larger scale, please contact us.

Crude peptides are delivered as a lyophilized powder and include an analytical reverse-phase HPLC profile and a MALDI mass spectrum. Preparatory scale reverse-phase HPLC is used to purify crude product.  An aliquot of the purified peptide will be used to verify that purity is at least 85% as indicated by analytical reverse-phase HPLC. Purified peptides will be delivered as a lyophilized powder along with a mass spectrum. Delivery time is normally 1-2 weeks for crude peptides and 2-3 weeks for purified peptides. Synthesis yields will vary depending on length, synthesis difficulty, desired purity and synthesis scale. Typical yields are shown below.

Many modified amino acids and labels can be incorporated into synthetic peptides. Availability of compatible derivatives is usually the limiting factor in these syntheses. These specialized derivatives are usually more expensive resulting in higher charges for the peptide synthesis. Also, incorporation of modified amino acids and labels can increase the difficulty of peptide synthesis. This may lead to lower yields of less pure desired product. Please contact us if you wish to incorporate a modified amino acid or label into your peptide.

The facility also has a circular dichroism spectrometer for secondary structure analysis as well as an analytical ultracentrifuge for sedimentation experiments.  Additionally, the facility is equipped with analytical and preparative scale reverse-phase HPLC for purification of biological molecules.  All are available for self-service use after training.

The rates for peptide syntheses are outlined in the fee schedule below. If you wish to order a peptide, please complete the "Contact and Billing" and "Peptide Synthesis Request" forms below and fax to us.  If you wish to use any of the other instrumentation in the facility, please complete the "Bioanalysis Request" form and contact us for training and instrument availability.


Typical Yields




25 µmol

5-50 mg

1-10 mg

50 µmol

10-100 mg

2-20 mg

100 µmol

20-200 mg

4-40 mg

250 µmol

50-500 mg

10-100 mg

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