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Ted Gauthier, Bollich, Patricia A.

The Protein Facility is a joint facility between LSU A&M and the LSU AgCenter. The facility occupies seven labs in Harry D. Wilson Laboratories. The Protein Facility is under the direction of Dr. Ted Gauthier and is staffed with two research associates, Dr. Dong Liu and Tamara Chouljenko.

We offer large and small scale peptide synthesis, preparative and analytical scale HPLC, protein expression, circular dichroism, SDS-Page/blotting, 2-D gel electrophoresis, isoelectric focusing, and digital image acquisition and analysis. Total genomic RNA or DNA extraction and purification from different organisms can be performed.

In addition, small or large scale plasmid DNA preparation and purification from E. coli or Agrobacteria is available. Gene cloning from total RNA (by RT-PCR) or genomic DNA (by PCR) or gene of interest subcloning into different plasmid vectors is available. For protein expression in large quantities, the facility can transform tobacco utilizing different Agrobacteria based plasmids. After transformation, in vivo assembly of the infectious tobacco mosaic virus expresses the protein of interest.

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