House has 3 high performance building systems

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LaHouse is a display of high-performance building practices to create more sustainable, resilient and healthy homes in the gulf region. The research-based facility is located on LSU's Baton Rouge campus and displays home-building techniques and solutions for Louisiana's unique climate. LaHouse is open weekdays from 10 am to 4:30 p.m. for self-guided tours or can be toured completely virtually.

Enhanced 2x4 framing, engineered wood

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Most homes in Louisiana are wood framed with 2x4 studs. Typical practices include using extra non-load-bearing studs at corners to support wallboard, double top plates, and uninsulated headers over windows and doors. Studs in this portion of LaHouse are laminated strand lumber (LSL), and overhead joists are engineered wood I-beams.

Advanced Framing 2x6 studs, 24 in. Spacing

Advanced framing reduces material and labor costs and is more energy-efficient than standard framing. The floor, wall, and roof framing are spaced and aligned at 24 inches on center, creating 2-foot modules. Advanced framing techniques eliminate lumber that is not necessary for load-bearing purposes.

Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPS)

Structural insulated panels consist of a foam core between two oriented strand boards. A SIPS building system is very well insulated as well as very durable against high speed winds.

BIM Model and Other Images

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11/7/2022 8:44:32 PM
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