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LaHouse is a display of high-performance building practices to create more sustainable, resilient and healthy homes in the gulf region. The research-based facility is located on LSU's Baton Rouge campus and displays home-building techniques and solutions for Louisiana's unique climate. LaHouse is open weekdays from 10 am to 4:30 p.m. for self-guided tours or can be toured completely virtually.

2x6 studs @ 24 inch. spacing, stack framing

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This building system has studs at 24 inches which is very resilient to high winds and is durable enough to support a second story. This is the minimum amount of studs a home can have and still follow code.

Stack framing consists of joists or trusses stacked directly above or below the studs in the wall.

Hurricane connectors for high wind zone

Hurricane connectors create a continuous load path. A continuous load path connects every piece of your home’s structure together like a chain to prevent segments from blowing away in a storm. Connectors are made of steel and designed to connect and strengthen joints within the frame of a home. Joints secured with connectors are much stronger than those only secured with nails.

This is critical during a hurricane because it helps hold your home together when winds try to pull it apart. A home is more likely to withstand high winds when the home has a continuous load path .

Full structural sheathing & blocking for nails

The structural sheathing is installed over the exterior walls of the home. It can have several purposes including structural support and insulating the home.

Blocking uses short pieces of lumber to add additional bracing and structural support to places like walls and ceilings.

Borate-treated lumber & plywood

Borate-treated wood is perfect for interior application to protect against termites, carpenter ants, and fungal decay.

Ceiling joists are the horizontal structural members responsible for transferring roof loads to vertical members and preventing caving and reducing vibrations.

Open joists allow professionals to quickly install plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems during or after construction.

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2 x 6 stud framing system, which is especially durable

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Hurricane connectors throughout construction can protect the building from high winds

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Hurricane straps create a continuous load path to protect the home during high winds

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Ceiling joists prevent roof caving during bad weather

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