Impact resistant windows

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Break resistant glass, metal frame

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This window is impact rated in the event of storm debris. Laminated glass means that the two panes of glass are bonded together with a vinyl or film layer. If something breaks the window, that layer holds it together rather than the glass shattering.

Metal is more robust and durable than vinyl, offering structural advantages to its build strength. Additionally, the quality and design of the window locks increase the levels of security.

Low-e, insulated glass

Low-e glass means the heat contact on the exterior side of the windows does not radiate inside the home. This prevents heat from entering the home through the windows and takes some workload off your HVAC system.

Passive solar south facing + overhang

Having passive solar in a home means that windows are strategically placed to reduce energy costs by relying on the sun to provide light in the house. It also reduces the need to run your HVAC because there are no windows that let direct sunlight into the home.

In the summer, the overhangs prevent excess sun and heat from entering the home. The lack of eastern and western-facing windows ensures that direct sunlight does not enter the home at any time, which would cause excess heating.

Wood blinds with wand tilt control

Wand tilt-operated blinds are a safer option for the home. The corded option of blinds can be a hazard for small children and are prone to jamming.

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