January 2023 Lafourche Happenings

Suzanne Troxclair, Smith, Vickie L.

Parish Rabbit Show

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The parish rabbit show will be held on Jan. 14, 2023, at the Agriculture Building in Raceland. Check in is from 8:00 to 8:30 a.m. Judging will begin at 9:00 a.m. Please try to have your rabbits entered prior to the rabbit show. Registrations must be in by January 9th.A broadcast email was sent to all 4-H’ers in 4-H online with the entry form and vet form and has been posted on our Facebook page. NOTE: All rabbits should be brought in a leak-proof cage. There will be a showmanship contest. Age divisions are 9-11 years old, 12-14 years old and 15 and up. Awards will be given. In an effort to stop the spread of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus and to prevent cases in our state, the Louisiana Department of Ag and Forestry will require health papers on all rabbits attending a show in Louisiana. This includes out of state and in state rabbits attending a show in Louisiana. Without current health papers rabbits, will not be allowed to enter the parish show. Before the show you, can obtain a health paper from any vet or Anna Ozio, DVM, will be in the parking lot of the Lafourche 4-H Office on January 12th at 5:30 p.m. issuing health papers. You must have this paper when checking in your rabbits. Health papers are $25.00 if you fill out the vet form prior to January 4th.After January 4th, it will cost $50.00.

Ground Beef, Rice & Sweet Potato Cookery

The Ground Beef, Rice & Sweet Potato Cookery will be held on Saturday, January 14, 2023, at the Ag. Building in Raceland. Registration is from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. Rules for this contest are:

Ground Beef Cookery (Only one ground beef dish can be entered.)

The dish must contain at least one pound of ground beef. The Ground Beef categories are as follows:

Low Calorie Main Dish - A dish that provides less than 300 calories per serving. Can also be found on labels. Calculation of calories needs to be stated on the recipe.

Quick & Easy Main Dish - A dish that is ready to serve in less than one hour. The time for each step and for cooking or baking should be stated on the recipe.

One-Dish Meal - A dish that provides foods from at least three of the main food groups. Foods and food groups should be stated on the recipe.

Rice Cookery Contest (Only one rice dish can be entered.)

The dishes must contain at least 1 cup of cooked rice. The categories are as follows Rice Main Dish, Rice Side Dish, and Rice Dessert. Wild rice is not a cultivated rice in Louisiana and does not meet the requirement of 1 cup rice for this contest. Dishes containing rice products such as rice cereal, rice flour, etc. must also contain cooked rice. “Rice Crispy” cereal cannot be used as rice for this cookery.

Sweet Potato Cookery (Only one sweet potato dish can be entered.)

The sweet potato dish must contain a minimum of 1 cup fresh, frozen, or canned sweet potatoes. The categories are as follows: Dessert or Other Sweet Potato Dish.

Only one dish per commodity is allowed. Prepare your dish/dishes at home and bring it to the contest for judging along with a copy of the recipe including your name, school, grade, and category. The whole dish does not have to be displayed. Two or three servings is enough for the judges to taste. Note: The food should be exhibited in a container not to exceed 18” to allow adequate space for all entries. No serving utensils are needed. A microwave is used to heat all food for judging. Awards will be presented at noon or shortly afterwards. All dishes receive ribbons and champions will receive other prizes, as well. Dishes will not be released until after the awards program.

Beef Illustrated Talk

Contest will be held on January 14th at the Ag. Building starting at 10:00 a.m. The three divisions are:

Division I – (Grades 4-6) Contestant can design (a) poster(s) 22” x 28” relating to Beef or a PowerPoint presentation (b) presents a 3–5-minute maximum explanation of posters or PowerPoint presentation and (c) responds to questions from judges.

Division II – (Grades 7-9) Contestant will present a 6–8-minute maximum oral presentation on Beef relating to one of the five categories (1) production, (2) food preparation and nutritive value, (3) food safety, (4) processing, or (5) marketing. Posters or PowerPoint slides may be used. Costumes based on theme are acceptable.

Division III – (Grades 10-12) Contestant will present an 8-10-minute maximum oral presentation on beef. It can be a specific idea or an overview. Examples include Nutritional Value, Economic Value, Cooking Principles, Versatility, Food Safety, Role in Today’s Healthy Diet, Beef’s place in Agriculture and Natural Resources, Role in our National Economy, or Role in Protecting the Environment. Posters or PowerPoint presentations may be used. No audio is allowed on any PowerPoint presentations. Costumes based on theme are acceptable. There will also be an interview from the judge.

Judging Contests

4-H members from each school can participate in these Pre-Achievement Day Contests on January 14th at the Ag Building in Raceland beginning at 9:00 a.m.:

Poultry Judging - 4-H’ers will judge by comparison pullets for egg production, class of dressed broilers, class of exterior eggs, interior eggs, and broken out eggs.

Dairy Cattle Judging - 4-H’ers will judge classes of dairy heifers and dairy cows. A class will consist of four animals, and4-H’ers will place them 1st through 4th.

General Livestock Judging - 4-H’ers will judge classes of beef animals, pigs, and sheep. A class will consist of four animals, and 4-H’ers will place them 1st - 4th.

Meat Identification

This contest is open to all 4-H members in Elementary (4-5 grades), Middle School Division (6-8 grades), and Senior Division (9-12 grades).

For Elementary Division, contestants will identify 20-25 cuts of meat according to the following guidelines: *Species - 4 points each - Beef, Pork and Lamb

For Middle School Division, contestants will have to identify 20-25 cuts of meat according to the following guidelines:

*By Species—Beef, Pork, and Lamb, 3 points each

*By Type—Roasts, Steaks, Chops, Slice, 1 point each

For Senior Division, contestants will identify 20-25 cuts of meat according to the following guidelines:

*Species - 3 points - Beef, Pork, Lamb

*Retail Name - 3 points – T-bone, Bacon, Brisket, etc.

*Type – 1 point – Roasts, Steaks, Chops, Slice

*By Cookery—Dry, Moist, Dry Moist, 1 point each

Study information is online at www.lsuagcenter.com under parishes, Lafourche, 4-H.

Consumer Foods Judging

The contest is open to all 4-H members in Elementary (4-5 grades), Middle (6-8 grades), and Senior (9-12 grades) Divisions. The contest consists of at least 4 separate classes. The objective of this contest is to teach 4-H members the importance of healthy food choices. At least 4 classes will be set up with 4 choices in each class. Middle and Senior Division 4-H members will be required to give reasons on one of the classes. Types of information to be found in each of the classes include:

*Healthy breakfast foods

*Proper beverage choices

*Healthy cereal choices

4-H members should look for items low in saturated fat, cholesterol, sugar, and sodium. They should select items high in dietary fiber, low in calories and high in nutrition value.

More information on food labels can be found on our website.

Shooting Sports Regional Matches

The 4-H Shooting Sports Southern Regional Matches will be held in Port Allen and Gonzales March 10-19, 2023. Registration forms and entry fees are due to the 4-H Office by January 20, 2023. Please make checks payable to Lafourche 4-H Foundation. All those competing must have completed at least 8 hours of scheduled practice to be eligible to compete. No refunds will be issued once fees are turn in to the 4-H Office. All Shooting Sports members have received the registration information via email. Please note: All 4-H shooting sports athletes who were at least 10 years old by January 1st must be certified in Hunter Education. We will be hosting a Field Day for Shooting Sports members only on February 8th at 5:00 P.M. at the Ag Building in Raceland. Anyone registered to attend the Field Day (Hunter Education course) can register for regional competition. Please make a note of this on your registration form. Please call the 4-H Office with any questions.

Junior Livestock Show

The Jr. Livestock Show is scheduled for Jan. 21, 2023, at the Assumption Parish Arena in Napoleonville. All animals will show on this day. The show begins at 9:00 a.m. Good luck to all exhibitors!

Dairy Poster Contest

Dairy posters will be picked up at February Club meetings. Every 4-H’er is encouraged to participate. Contest rules and details are as follows:

1. Poster should be 11” x 14” white poster board ONLY. No foam boards.

2. DO NOT ATTACH anything to the poster that is more than 1/2” thick.

3. Be sure to print your name, grade, and school on back of the poster in the upper right- hand corner.

4. A 4-H club member is allowed to win first place in each division only once.

5. After the contest is over, posters should be displayed in local community public places such as shopping malls, grocery stores, drug stores, banks, schools, or farm stores.

4-H’ers will compete in the following divisions: Division 1—4th—6th grades, Division 2—7th—8th grades and Division 3—9th—12th grades. The purpose of this contest is to help 4-H’ers learn more about milk and milk products and their importance to healthy bodies.

Eyeglass Campaign

The parish 4-H clubs will once again collect used glasses for needy persons. Please turn in used eyeglasses, lenses, and frames. Agents will pick them up at February Club meetings.

Junior Leader Times

The Junior Leaders had a festive December meeting, exchanging gifts and participating in holiday stations that included cookie decorating, craft making, picture taking, and snacks and a hot cocoa bar. As their service activity, members collected and sorted non-perishable food items for the local food bank to address food insecurity in the community. The next meeting will be held February 23rd at the Ag Building in Raceland.

4-H Honor Cords

If you are a senior in 4-H, you may be eligible to receive an honor cord for graduation. You must have been a 4-H member in high school for 3 years and have participated in at least one state sponsored program such as 4-H University, state records, state livestock show or horse shows, state outdoor skills, state boards, etc. or demonstrated exemplary parish-level program within the last three years. The 4-H Honor Cord application for seniors is now completely online. Go to the following link to fill out your application to see if you qualify http://www.lsuagcenter.com/topics/kids_teens/events/awards/recognition-and-opportunities/senior-honor-cords. Deadline for submission is Friday, February 17th.

4-H Scholarships

Senior 4-H members that are interested in receiving state and parish scholarships need to contact the 4-H Office for more information. The deadline is March 4th.The same application will be used for both.

Live Broiler Show

The Live Broiler Show will be held on February 20, 2023, at the Ag Building in Raceland. This is the Monday of the Mardi Gras holidays. Check in will be from 8:00 – 9:00 a.m., and judging will begin at 9:00 a.m.

Sugar and Seafood Winners

The Sugar and Seafood Contest was held on November 12, 2022, at the Ag. Building in Raceland. The judges had the delicious job of sampling 610 dishes and there were 46 Sugar and Seafood Illustrated Talks.

Sugar Division

Champion – Evelyn Sherlin, Bayou Community Academy

Res. Champ. – Trey Martinez, Central Lafourche

Seafood Division

Champion – Trinity Comeaux, South Lafourche

Res. Champ. – Brandon Cortez, Thibodaux High

Sugar Illustrated Talk Winners

Division 1 Champion, Carter Gautreaux, Raceland Upper

Division 2 Champion, Madelyn Fossum, Central Lafourche

Division 3 Champion, Hilari Theriot, Central Lafourche

Seafood Illustrated Talk Winners

Division 1 Champion, Olivia Benoit, Sixth Ward Middle

Division 2 Champion, Zayle Falgout, Central Lafourche

Division 3 Champion, Beaux Curole, E. D. White

Overall Sew with Cotton Winner

Logan Curole, E. D. White

Poultry Day Results

Poultry Day contests were held on December 3, 2022, at the Ag. Building in Raceland. A total of 370 dishes were entered in the Egg and Poultry Cookery along with 52 Illustrated Talk contestants. The winners are as follows:

Egg Cookery

Champion— Connor Chiasson, South Lafourche

Reserve— Sophie Wolverton, Holy Rosary

Egg Illustrated Talk

Division 1 Champion—Kimberly St. Pierre, Galliano Elementary

Division 2 Champion—Toni Arnold, Lockport Middle

Division 3 Champion—Luke Louviere, South Lafourche

Poultry Cookery

Champion—Tristan Pertuit, St. Mary’s

Reserve—Loralie Pellegrin, Thibodaux High

Poultry Illustrated Talk

Division 1 Champion—Jaxon Arnold, Lockport Upper

Division 2 Champion –Toni Arnold, Lockport Middle

Division 3 Champion—Beaux Curole, E. D. White

Turkey Illustrated Talk

Division 1 Champion—Kimberly St. Pierre, Galliano

Division 2 Champion—Toni Arnold, Lockport Middle

Division 3 Champion—Evan Louviere, South Lafourche

Exhibition Birds

Overall Champion – Emma Allemand, St. Mary’s

Overall Reserve – Emma Allemand, St. Mary’s

Pet Show

Largest Pet—Beaux & Logan Curole, E. D. White

Smallest Pet—Landon Ayme, Lockport Upper

Most Unusual Pet—Kate Sanders, Sixth Ward Middle

Cutest Dressed Pet – Ava Martin, Raceland Middle

Dog Show

Champion—Ila Branson, St. Joseph Elementary

1st Place Hounds—Izzy Clement, Sixth Ward Middle

1st Place Toy Dogs—Tyler Dempster, BCA

1st Place Misc.—Alivia Cortez, Sixth Ward Middle

1st Place Sporting Dogs—Ila Branson, St. Joseph

1st Place Herding Dogs—Elly Wilcox, Sixth Ward Middle

1st Place Non-Sporting Dogs—Brock LaFleur, BBMS

1st Place Working Dogs—Aurora Foret, Raceland Upper

Chicken Queing

Overall Champion – Katelynn Oliver, E. D. White

Overall Reserve – Ace Allemand, Galliano Elementary

4-H Spirit Poster Contest Results

Congratulations to the following 4-H’ers for winning the 4-H
Spirit Poster Contest.

Division 1 – Gabe Pontif, Chackbay Elementary

Division 2 – Mikalia Himel, Sixth Ward Middle

Division 3 – Evan Louviere, South Lafourche High

Contact Suzanne Troxclair (stroxclair@agcenter.lsu.edu) at the Lafourche Parish LSU AgCenter Office, 115 Texas Street, Raceland, Louisiana 70394.Phone: 985-446-1316

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