2022 March\April Lafourche Happenings Newsletter

Donna G. Ayo, Smith, Vickie L.

leilahjpgJunior Leader Times

The next meeting will be held Wednesday, March 16th at the Agriculture Building in Raceland. Officer elections will be held for the 2022-23 school year. Lafourche Junior Leaders bleed green so wear green and bring a delicious green dessert for competition.

4-H Achievement Day Sponsored by Farm Bureau

Achievement Day will be held on Saturday, April 9, 2022, at Central Lafourche High School. This year’s theme will be “Find Your Spark.” The morning program for Achievement Day will begin at 9:30 a.m. Please remind all 4-H’ers to bring pencils to Achievement Day since there will be none available for taking tests. After the morning program, members can participate in various contests such as demonstrations, insect identification, plant science, horticulture crop judging, good grooming (personal development), public speaking and various tests from project book completion. Make sure to sign up with your leader if you want to participate in Achievement Day contests. Record books will be picked up at your school on March 28th.Remember if your club wants to participate in the skit contest, please let the 4-H Office know by March 28th.Talent show acts need to be sent on a DVD/CD or through email to the 4-H Office prior to March 28th.Leaf, Twig, Insect Collections, Bird Houses and Photography exhibits will be picked up at your school on April 4th.Make sure to turn these items into your leader before this date. Rules for these contests can be found online at www.lsuagcenter.com.Go to parish offices, Lafourche Parish, and 4-H for more information. The afternoon ceremony includes a fashion show and a variety show. After the conclusion of the variety show, our parish awards program begins. Awards that are presented are Top Junior Leaders and Award of Excellence. School awards will be presented, and they include Activity Awards, School Display, and Achievement Day Awards. Please try to attend and cheer on your school club. Do not forget to wear your 4-H shirt if you have one.

Record Books Due – March 28th

Record books will be due on March 28th.Make sure you turn them in to your leader before this date. We will pick them up from school on that day.

4-H Portfolios

Record keeping is an important part of every 4-H educational project. Records show what you have done and learned during your 4-H club work. The 4-H portfolio form is designed to help you keep your records and other supporting materials in an orderly manner. The portfolio books that are completed and turned in to the Lafourche Extension office will be judged, and recognition/awards will be given for these books at Achievement Day. The portfolio books for 4th – 6th graders that are completed and turned into the 4-H office will be judged and recognized as the top 10 Award of Excellence winners at Achievement Day. The top 10 books will be submitted to the State contest in July. You should keep this book from year to year and add to it. You may include up to three years of 4-H work in your portfolio. Many awards, educational trips, and college scholarships are given to club members on the basis of their records and project work. These are due March 28th.*We are transitioning from the traditional 4-H scrapbook format we have offered in the past, to follow the State 4-H Portfolio guidelines.

4-H Scrapbook Contest

This is a chance to showcase your participation, 4-H growth and fun memories made throughout the year. You may include pictures, accomplishments and awards, community service efforts, and more! Scrapbooks are due March 28th.

These will be judged in the Elementary, Middle and Senior Divisions.

Leaf, Twig, Insect Collections, Bird Houses & Photography Exhibits

These will be collected and judged on April 4th and displayed at Achievement Day on April 9th.More detailed information can be found on our website: www.lsuagcenter.com. Click on parish offices, then Lafourche and 4-H. Please see the February Lafourche Happenings for more details.

Youth Safe Driving

This contest is for teams of two or three members in the Middle and Senior High Divisions (both divisions will compete together).Contestants will present 5–7-minute presentation using format or audio visuals of choice on the topic of safe driving. Safe Driving topics include but are not limited to distracted driving (texting), drinking; wreck less; sleepy; road rage. The emphasis will be on young drivers, influencing other young drivers. Cash prizes will be awarded—$300.00 will be presented to the 1st place team, $200.00 to the 2nd place team and $100.00 to the 3rd place team.

Achievement Day Project Book Tests

4th Graders (Discovering the World of 4-H) and 5th Graders (Exploring the World of 4-H) that have completed and turned in their project books in April are qualified to take tests at Achievement Day.6th—12th graders that have completed and turned in their project books will earn certificates and points for their clubs for completing their project books. No project book tests will be given for 6th—12 graders. All 4-H’ers can participate in the identification contests and demonstrations.

Fashion Review

All Elementary, Middle and Senior High clothing contestants will model their garments to be judged for appearance and construction in the morning and may participate in the Fashion Review in the afternoon.

Achievement Day Club Skits & Talent Show

We are conducting a club skit contest during the afternoon ceremony. The theme for Achievement Day will be “Find Your Spark”, so we would like you to incorporate this theme into your skit. A party will be given to the winning club at their May meeting!!If your club would like to participate, please call the 4-H Office by March 28th, so we can put you on the schedule. 4-H’ers that would like the opportunity to perform at Achievement Day please send in a DVD/CD of your performance to your 4-H club leader. These will be viewed by the judges and the top acts will be selected to perform at Achievement Day. There is no limit on the amount of acts a club can submit, but the acts cannot exceed 10 minutes. These are due to the 4-H Office by March 28th.

Achievement Day Demonstrations

All demonstrations have a maximum time limit of 15 minutes. Note:All demonstrations can be individual or team demonstrations. A limited number of demonstrations will be allowed per club. Make sure your leader knows you want to participate. The following is a description of each demonstration contest:

Agriculture Demonstration - on any agricultural practice or practice relating to agriculture which includes the following areas: livestock & crop production, conservation of natural resources, wildlife management, marine science, poultry science, agricultural engineering, forestry & horticulture. Ex. How to Groom an Animal, How to Clean a Crab, How to Pot a Plant, etc. (Elementary & Middle)

Breads - Can be demonstrations, illustrated lectures, or presentations on breads. Ex. How to Make Pretzels, How to Make a Sandwich or How to Make Muffins (Elementary & Middle)

Dairy Foods - Can be demonstrations, illustrated lectures or presentations and must be related to Dairy Foods or Dairy Products. Ex. How to make a Milkshake, How to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich or How to Make Pudding.(Elem. & Middle).

FCS Demonstration - Must be a method (how to) demonstration, not an illustrated lecture on any home economics practice relating to Home Economics. Areas include clothing, family life, family resource management, health and safety, and housing and house furnishings. (Elementary & Middle)

General Demonstration - For Senior High members only. Can be demonstrations on Agriculture, FCS, Horticulture or La. Agriculture Products.

Horticulture Demos. - Must be on the production, sale or marketing of a horticultural product or use of fruit or vegetable grown in our area. Can be an artistic arrangement with fresh or dried plant materials or plants used in the landscape.(Middle School)

Louisiana Ag. Products Demonstration - A demonstration on Louisiana Agriculture products (should include Rice, Beef, Sugar, Seafood, etc.).No Horticulture products. (Elementary & Middle)

Tiger Tank Entrepreneurship Challenge – An opportunity for individuals or a team of two to create or propose a product or service-based business. They may have a business idea that they want to design and explore. Present a demonstration on your business idea.(Middle and Senior) Examples: Making and selling dog treats, friendship bracelets, vinyl mugs, etc. Contact the 4-H Office for more details.

Achievement Day Contests

Fish Identification Contest—Participants will identify saltwater and freshwater fish by its common name as listed in the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. A word bank will be provided. Participants will also be asked to select if the fish is a freshwater or saltwater species. Information can be found at www.wlf.louisiana.gov (go to fishing, recreational fishing and then regulations brochure—pictures are in the regulations brochure).

Good Grooming/Personal Development - For Elementary Division, two 4-H’ers from each grade (4th & 5th) may enter from each school. Boys and girls compete together and should come dressed for an afternoon party (church dress) to be interviewed by judges. For Middle School Division (6th—8th) any club member may compete.4-H’ers should be dressed appropriately. For Senior High (9th—12th), any member may participate. Boys and girls should come dressed for a job interview that they are presently eligible for. A resume of the job they are applying for is required. Check with your leader to sign up.

Healthy Living Illustrated Talk - Elementary Division (4-5) - Contestant designs (a) standard poster 22” x 28” relating to healthy living, (b) presents a 2–3-minute explanation of poster subject and (c) responds to questions from the judge. Middle School Division (6-8) - Contestant designs (a) standard poster 22” x 28” relating to healthy living, (b) presents a 2–3-minute explanation of poster subject and (c) responds to questions from the judge. Senior High Division (9-12) - Contestant designs (a) standard poster 22” x 28” relating to healthy living, (b) presents a 5-minute explanation of poster subject and (c) responds to questions from the judge.

Horticulture Crop Judging - Any number of 4-H’ers per club can participate. The contest will consist of Judging Classes, Information (true and false test on horticultural topics) and Identification of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and plants.

Insect Identification & Study - Any number of 4-H’ers per club can participate. A test will consist of identifying as to common name insects of economic importance to the parish. Resources: Golden Nature Book or Insects.org

Plant Science - Any number per club may participate. Elementary club members will take a test in the contest on plant science that will consist of true and false, multiple choice and matching. Junior and Senior members will take a test and identify seeds.

Public Speaking - Four 4-H'ers from each club may participate. Speech needs to be 3 to 5 minutes on any subject. Contestant may refer to notes; but cannot read the speech and must submit copy of speech to judge on Achievement Day.

Achievement Day Drawing – Lucky Clover Tickets

Every time a 4-H club member participates in an activity or contest along with their ribbon or certificate they will earn a Lucky Clover ticket (these will be sent to them through their leaders).These tickets will be used to take a chance at some nice prizes. This drawing will take place at Achievement Day (look for the drawing box).4-H’ers must attend Achievement Day to be eligible to win.

4-H Garden Contest

Lafourche Parish 4-H program will conduct a 4-H Garden Contest. It is easy and fun! All you have to do is:

1.Select a site for your garden. Garden can be rows or square foot garden.

2.Plan what crops you will grow.(This contest is not for ornamental gardens.)

3.Prepare your soil.


5.Keep records.

6.Call the 4-H Office at 985-446-1316 if you need information or assistance.

7.Return the scorecard by May 6, 2022. Good luck!

We Want YOU for 4-H U

Each year 4-H members who are in the 8th-12th grade as of August 1, 2021, are eligible to participate in 4-H University to demonstrate their skills in more than 40 competitive events. It is a culmination of a 4-H member’s year of hard work and dedication. Events range from Agricultural Use Demonstration, Automotive Care, Fishing Sports, Public Speaking, Fashion Revue, and more! Through competing, youth demonstrate life skills in teamwork, decision making, problem solving, resiliency, and many more. Each competitive event allows youth an opportunity for personal growth, skill mastery, and other life skills vital to functioning members of society. The official dates for the 2022 Louisiana 4-H University are Tuesday, June 21st to June 24th on the campus of Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. If you are interested in participating in 4-H University, please contact Mrs. Donna or Ms. Teddi at the 4-H Office.

State Ambassador Talk Results

Congratulations to our 4-H’ers that participated in the State Ambassador Talk Contest. Lafourche had 9 state winners. Seth Mitchell and Kristen Richard will represent Lafourche and Louisiana in the National Contest in November. Results are:


Division 1, 2nd Place, Camden Gautreaux, Raceland Upper

Division 2, 1st Place, Madelyn Fossum, Lockport Middle

Division 3, 3rd Place, Beaux Curole, E. D. White


Division 3, 3rd Place, Beaux Curole, E. D. White


Division 1, 2nd Place, Jaxon Arnold, Lockport Upper

Division 2, 1st Place, Madelyn Fossum, Lockport Middle

Division 3, 3rd Place, Seth Mitchell, Member at Large


Division 1, 1st Place, Jonah Curole, Holy Rosary

Division 2, 2nd Place, Madelyn Fossum, Lockport Middle

Division 3, 1st Place, Kristen Richard, Central Lafourche


Division 1, 1st Place, Connor Hitt, Raceland Middle

Division 2, 1st Place, Madelyn Fossum, Lockport Middle

Division 3, 1st Place, Seth Mitchell, Member at Large


Division 1, 1st Place, Kimberly St. Pierre, Galliano Elementary

Division 2, 1st Place, Toni Arnold, Lockport Middle

Livestock & Rabbit Show Winners

On January 29, 2022, the parish livestock was held. The following 4-H’ers won awards:

Supreme Market Hog – Blakely Martin

Reserve Champion Market Hog – Blakely Martin

Champion Breeding Gilt – Blakely Martin

Champion Beef Female – Eleanor Straney

Champion Bull – Logan Torbert

Champion Steer – McKayla Dempster

Champion Market Goat – McKayla Dempster

Champion Doe – Carsyn Ayo

Champion Buck – Carsyn Ayo

Champion Ewe – Toni Arnold

Supreme Dairy – Alaina Lyons

Supreme Showman:

Swine – Blakely Martin

Beef – Eleanor Straney

Sheep – Toni Arnold

Goat – McKayla Dempster

Dairy – Alaina Lyons

Premier Exhibitor Champion:

Swine – Dawson Dufrene

Beef – Leilah Keller

Sheep – Caleb Cortez

Goat – McKayla Dempster

Dairy – Alaina Lyons

For more information on any of the activities listed, please contact Donna Naquin at dayo@agcenter.lsu.edu or Teddi Folse at tjfolse@agcenter.lsu.edu or call us at 985-446-1316.

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