Updated Redbanded Stink Bug Threshold in Soybeans

Originally published June 25, 2013

The LSU AgCenter has revised the redbanded stink bug threshold in soybeans from 6 per 25 sweeps to 4 per 25 sweeps. The 2013 Louisiana insect management guide has the threshold listed as 6 per 25 sweeps, please use the revised threshold of 4 per 25 sweeps when making application decisions. The LSU AgCenter is in a transitional phase between publication times of the insect management guide and the revised threshold will be in the 2014 edition. We are sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

For more information or if you have any questions or concerns please contact Sebe Brown, or Drs. David Kerns , Julien Beuzelin or Jeff Davis.

Sebe Brown Cell: 318-498-1283 Office: 318-435-2903

Dr. David Kerns Cell: 318-439-4844 Office: 318-435-2157

Dr. Julien Beuzelin Cell: 337-501-7087 Office: 318-473-6523

Dr. Jeff Davis Cell: 225-747-0351 Office: 225-578-5618

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