Time Management for Kids

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At some point we have probably all wished we had more time to get things done. Hectic schedules often leave us feeling stressed and weary. We spend a lot of time trying to manage our time more effectively. However, the management of our children’s time is often overlooked. Helping our children learn to structure their days can make it easier for everyone to get things done and make our time together more enjoyable. Here are some time management tips for kids that may work for your family:

  • Establish a morning routine—Create a chart if needed to remind kids what needs to be done each morning
  • Stick to a routine bed time—Children need a minimum of 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night.
  • Find a homework routine that works- Children may need to unwind before jumping right into home-work. Help your child establish a pattern that lets them relax and then work on homework to finish in a timely manner. They may be better able to focus on homework if they have had a few minutes to transition from school to home.
4/20/2017 4:24:27 PM
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