Thomas Reagan

Reagan, Thomas E.
Title Professor & Austin C. Thompson Professor
Department Entomology Department
Address 1 474 Life Sciences Bldg.
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Phone 225-578-1824
Fax 225-205-8199

Three-year grant awarded to LSU AgCenter for integrated pest management

· 2011-2013 Recognition of Exceptional Service to the Entomological Society of America, EPA Premier Entomol. of OPP

· 2009 Distinguished Achievement Award in Teaching--Southeastern Branch–Entomological Society of America

· 2008 Sedberry Outstanding Graduate Teacher Award–College of Agriculture–Louisiana State University

· 2005 Austin C. Thompson Distinguished (Endowed) Professorship in Entomology–Louisiana State University

·2004 Doyle Chambers Career Research Award–Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station

· 2003 Edward Donald Grant Educator of the Year Award–Louisiana Moral and Civic Foundation

· 2002 LSU Distinguished Faculty Award for a sustained record of accomplishment in research, teaching and service.

· 2002 Outstanding Service Award in Research and Education on behalf of the Louisiana Sugarcane Industry – 41st Annual St. James Agricultural Tour Award.

· Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station – Tipton Team Research Award presented to the Sugarcane Breeding and Variety Development Team (for participating in the development of sugarcane varieties which enhanced the Louisiana economy greater than $100 million per year for each of the last 5 years) – 2000.

Research Grants:

  1. USDA (NIFA) Crop Protection and Pest Management – Rural and Urban IPM implementation for Louisiana (2017-2021): $473,734(Lead P.I., cooperative). [Competitive]
  2. USDA (NIFA) Crop Protection and Pest Management – Biology, Ecology and Impact of Melanaphis sacchari in Sugarcane and Sorghum Production Systems (2014-2018): $299,977 (Lead P.I., cooperative). [Competitive]
  3. USDA (NIFA) – Integrated Pest Management Education for Louisiana’s Urban and Rural Agricultural Future (2015-2017): $366,000 (Lead P.I.: C. Hollier, Co-P.I.: T.E. Reagan) [Competitive]
  4. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Regional Agricultural IPM Grants) – Development of a real-time Mexican rice borer population monitoring program and refinement of management recommendations as the pest invades rice and sugarcane (2011-2013): $49,956 (Co P.I. with Natalie Hummel) [Competitive].
  5. USDA (NIFA) – Managing Insect Pests And Diseases In Multi-Use Landscapes of Bioenergy and Conventional Cropping Systems In The Gulf Coast (2011-2016): $999,640 (Lead P.I., cooperative). [Competitive].
  6. USDA (NIFA) – Integrated Pest Management Programs to Reduce Reliance on Methyl Bromide in Rice Mills (2011-2015): $445,551 (Lead PI: Tanja McKay, Arkansas State; Co-PIs: T.E. Reagan, L.T. Wilson (Texas AgriLife), Y. Yang (Texas AgriLife), F. Arthur (USDA-ARS), J. Campbell (USDA-ARS), and B. Adam (Oklahoma State). [Competitive].
  7. USDA (CSREES) IPM Crops at Risk Program – Building an Area-wide IPM Perspective for Stalk Borers Threatening Sugarcane and Rice (2008-2010): $215,390 (Lead P.I., cooperative with M.O. Way-Texas A&M Beaumont). [Competitive]
  8. USDA (CSREES) RAMP – Integrated Post-Harvest Rice Management and Information Delivery: Optimizing Insect Control and Grain Quality (2007-2010): $398,954 (L. T. Wilson (and T. E. Reagan Co P.I.) et al.- Texas A&M Beaumont,). [Competitive]
  9. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Strategic Agricultural Pest Initiative) – A Whole Systems Approach to Managing Crop Pests in an Environmentally Sensitive Agroecosystem Using Reduced Risk Pesticides (2006-2008): $80,000 (Co P.I. with James Ottea, LSU Toxicologist). [Competitive]
  10. USDA (CSREES) Southern Region IPM Center (IPM Enhancement Grants Program) – IPM of Invasive Stem Borers Impacting Sugarcane and Rice in the Gulf Coast Region (2005-2006): $62,071 (Lead P.I., cooperative with M.O. Way-Texas A&M Beaumont.). [Competitive]
  11. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Strategic Agricultural Initiative) – Chemical Management of Stem Boring Insects in Environmentally-Sensitive Agroecosystems (2004-2007): $86,000 (Co P.I. with James Ottea, LSU Toxicologist). [Competitive]
  12. USDA (CSREES) IPM Crops at Risk Program – Development and Implementation of an IPM Program for Exotic and Native Stalk Borers Threatening Sugarcane and Rice in Louisiana and Texas (2003-2006): $184,771 (Lead P.I., cooperative with M. O. Way - Texas A&M Beaumont, Weslaco). [Competitive]
  13. USDA (CSREES) Integrated Pest Management Program – IPM of the Mexican Rice Borer in Sugarcane and Rice (joint research/extension). 2002-2005: $199,070 (Lead PI, cooperative with M. O. Way – Texas A&M – Beaumont, Weslaco). [Competitive]
  14. USDA (CSREES) Critical Issues Mexican Rice Borer, Identification of Range and Variety Assessment. 2000-2001: $40,000 (Lead PI, cooperative with M. O. Way-Texas A&M-Beaumont, Weslaco). [Competitive]
  15. American Sugarcane League - competitive funds for specific applied research projects- $9,000-$20,000, annually. [Commodity group competitive]
  16. Pesticide efficacy and environment assessment research from chemical industry $18,000- $25,000, annually from Dow AgroSciences, Uniroyal, Syngenta, Bayer, FMC, BASF, et al.
  17. USDA (CSRS) Pesticide Impact Assessment Program. Separate grants for Runoff Research and Yield Loss Assessment: 1993-94, $18,000; 1992-93, $18,000; 1989-90, $18,000. [Competitive].
  18. La. Board of Regents – 8g Program. (J. Nye P.I. et al.) Knowledge-Based Systems Development Laboratory for Agricultural Sciences 1988-89. $230,000. [Competitive]




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Refereed Publications (recent)

Mulchy, M.M., B.E. Wilson & T.E. Reagan 2021. Spatial Distribution of Lissorhopytusoryzophilis(Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in Rice. Environmental Entomology. (In Press).

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  • 2020 Appointed Editor of the Agronomy Journal
  • 2013 Entomological Society of America – Recognition for Service to ESA as the Premier Subject Matter Expert and Liaison to the EPA Office of Pesticide Programs.
  • 2010 NIFA (EIPM-CS) USDA Proposal Review Team (Washington, D.C.)

  • 2002-2005 Texas Rice Research foundation - Scientific Review and Advisory Panel

  • 2002-2003 USDA (CSREES)/EPA IPM Roadmap Committee (Washington, D.C.)

LSU Department of Entomology
LAES (80%), College of Agriculture (20%)
Distinguished Professor: January 2005-Present
Professor: July 1985-December 2004
Associate Professor: July 1979-1985
Asst. Professor: September 1977-1979

North Carolina State University Department of Entomology
Asst. Professor/Entomology Extension Specialist: April 1975-September 1977

6 Ph.D. and 3 M.S.

Megan M. Mulcahy, 2021. “Improving deployment of insecticidal seed treatments in Louisiana rice with IPM practices”

Luna Lama, 2018. "Managing Sugarcane Aphid in Grain Sorghum” M.S. Thesis LSU, Pest Management Enterprise Inc.

Blake Wilson, 2016. Managing rice borer (Eoreuma loftini) pheromone trap efficacy and role in invasive species monitoring and pest management. Assistant Professor, Entomology, LSU AgCenter. ESA Comstock award 2016.

Matthew VanWeelden, 2015. “Cultural and biological control practices against Mexican rice borer (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) in conventional, bioenergy, and non-crop hosts. ”L.D. Newsom Award (2015) UF, extension specialist.

Julien Beuzelin, 2011. “Agroecological factors impacting stem borer (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) dynamics in Gulf Coast sugarcane and rice.” ESA Comstock award recipient (SEB) 2011. Assistant Professor, Entomology, LSU AgCenter; UFIFAS.

B.E. Wilson, 2011. “Advanced management of the Mexican rice borer in sugarcane.” Research Associate, LSU AgCenter. ESA-SEB Kirby Hays Most Outstanding Masters Student Award M.S. LSU.

Waseem Akbar, 2010. “Categorization and identification of mechanisms of sugarcane resistance to the sugarcane aphid (Hemiptera: Aphididae). ”ESA Comstock award recipient (SEB)2010. Monsanto, St. Louis, MO.

Francis P.F. Reay-Jones, 2005. “Integrated Pest Management of the Mexican Rice Borer (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) on Louisiana and Texas Sugarcane and Rice. ”Distinguished Professor of Entomology, Clemson University

F.R. Posey, 2004. “Insect pest management approaches among currently recommended sugarcane varieties in Louisiana.” Louisiana Agricultural Consultant, M.S. LSU.

T.E. “Gene” Reagan is the author or co-author of over 378 scientific publications: 11 book chapters and refereed bulletins, 116 in refereed journals, 18 refereed proceedings, 93 pesticide and non-target impact evaluation, and 90 technology transfer papers. He leads a broadly based, multi-disciplinary research program on ecology and management, especially of sugarcane insects, and has developed an international reputation for academics and practice of agroecosystems pest management. His work spans the fundamental and applied spectrum involving a wide range of scientists and practitioners, often emphasizes wide perspectives with integration across disciplines and extensive collaboration in development of IPM systems.

Instructional courses taught include undergraduate and graduate pest management/applied entomology. During the last few years, he has served on PhD advisory committees at Texas A&M University and at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban S.A. and as an instructor at EARTH University in Costa Rica. His graduate students (24) competitively gained employment as scientists and practitioners, including university faculty members in research and extension, and helped with $4.5 million in national competitive grants over ten years. He was also the premier entomologist at the Environmental Protection Agency recently for the Office of Pesticide Programs on behalf of the Entomological Society of America. Current graduate training is cooperative with Assistant Professor Blake Wilson.

If you would like to know Dr. Reagan a little better, check out page 3 of this issue of the Lil Bugger newsletter!

Ph.D. - North Carolina State University, 1975
Major: Entomology
Minors: Ecology, Statistics

M. S. - Louisiana State University, 1972
Major: Entomology
Minor: Experimental Statistics

B. S. - Louisiana State University, 1970
Major: Entomology

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