4-H Virtual Recess: Garden of Greatness


This activity will help young kids think about and recognize positive traits within themselves and others in a fun and creative way, while creating a classroom or home “flower” display.


Bulletin board or display area

Stapler and staples

Masking Tape

Construction paper, cut into circles (1 circle per child) and strips wide enough to write on (4-8 strips per child)

Activity Steps:

1. Give each kid a circle with their name on it, and four to eight strips of colored paper.

2. Instruct them to write down things they love about themselves, or something they enjoy doing, on the strips. If they’re having trouble thinking of things, ask their friends or siblings to list their great qualities.

3. Once they have their petals completed, help them tape each strip onto their circle.

4. Staple or tape each flower to the bulletin board or display area (the refrigerator works great too) while calling out at least one great thing about each kid.

5. Discuss how they are all unique with different qualities and interests, and how all their individual strengths and traits create a Garden of Greatness.

From 4-H Inspire Kids to Do Activity Guide


3/17/2020 4:13:54 PM
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