Getting Motivated in 7 Days

Getting motivated and changing your life in 7 days can be a dream come true if you are willing to follow these simple and easy steps.

Begin on a Monday and end on a Sunday. Repeat as many times as necessary for you to achieve your goal.

Monday – Plan for the week

Success always starts with a clear and specific plan. Most people wake up on Monday and have no idea what they will accomplish during the week, the month or even the entire year. This is why it’s crowded at the bottom, and it’s time for you to climb your way to the top.

What do you want to work on this week? What goals do you want to give attention to? What do you want to accomplish at work? Give each day a simple, specific plan of action.At the end of the week you will have progressed much farther than ever before, simply by knowing how you wanted to spend your most scarce resource, TIME.

Tuesday – Dreams

Dreams are important for many reasons. Dreams give us something to look forward to, even when times are difficult. If you have a rough day at work, close your eyes and picture your dreams in your mind. Rise above the short-term setbacks because you know you have long-term success to look forward to. Dreams help deal with failure, but they also motivate you constantly .If you fall short of your ultimate goal for the time being, still advance forward.

Take time after work to think about your dreams. This may be a totally new experience for you, and if so, enjoy yourself. Think big, and don’t worry about how or if it will happen. Let the excitement of your dreams take over. Everyone needs to have a dream, and it’s time that you create yours.

Wednesday – 30 minutes to success

Read .Reading can have a large impact in your life. The more you learn, the more you want to learn. It’s a wonderful cycle. As you understand more about the world around you, your own eagerness and motivation take over as you become curious and enthusiastic about really living your life.

Get up earlier in the morning, take a book to work with you for your lunch break, or read before you go to bed. What ever your method, read! cannot say enough about the importance of this tip.

Thursday – Honesty is the best policy

Humans are great creators of excuses. If something doesn’t get done, you’ll hear ten reasons why it wasn’t their fault. Instead of crippling yourself with excuses, be honest with yourself and begin to make real progress in your life.

If you aren’t reaching your goals, or are living a life that you don’t want to live, throw away your excuses and take full responsibility for where you are. It is the choices you make everyday that decide where you end up. If you want a different life, make different choices. Nothing can change until you take an honest look at your life and your dreams.

Friday – Have some fun!!!!!

While planning, working, and keeping persistent are important to getting what you want in life, you must not forget the importance of fun!

All work and no play is unhealthy and can steal the very motivation you have been trying to develop. Take some time to let go of worry and concern and just have fun.

Go to a movie, spend time with your kids or simply relax your mind and body. You’ll come back to your work with a renewed energy and vitality that will keep you going strong for days to come.

Saturday – You are successful!!!!

Working on improvement? Don’t overlook what you have already achieved. It is easy to get wrapped up in tomorrow without realizing how well today is going. The successes you have experienced in the past will help to motivate you in the future.

Think back to a time when you achieved a goal, when you felt great about yourself. These times can serve as a springboard to your future goals and dreams. Reading the success stories of others is a way to increase confidence and get motivated, but a better method is to think about your own victories.

Sunday – Relax and reflect

It’s been a long and eventful week. Now that it’s over, let’s examine what you did well, and what needs improvement. Make a mental or written list of things that you felt good about. It could be a meeting you had with your employees, or an evening with the family. What did you do that made this a success? What can you learn from that?

Now think about situations that could have been handled differently. What would you change? How could you have approached the problem differently? What can you learn from your mistakes?

Adopting these simple and easy steps can help you take control of your life and give you the energy and drive you need to live the life you have always wanted to live.

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