5 Apps to Help in Planning Meals and Counting Calories

How would you like to not have to worry about what to cook for dinner tonight or how many calories you are taking in or have used up? This can happen if you have the right app. It would be so much easier for everyone if we all have the right app for a lot of things in our lives.

Well, let’s check out the 5 apps that I’m talking about for planning meals and counting calories.

Five Plates

Do you hate trying to figure out what to eat or make for dinner? Well, Five Plates gives you a whole food grocery list that is delivered directly to your home and you can prepare five different meals.This app is free.

Menu Planner

Recipe board too full on Pinterest and not sure what’s in your pantry?You can create meal plans, search for your favorite recipes on the internet, inventory your pantry and create a grocery list.No more stress.This app is $2.99.


This app is used for losing or maintaining weight.With the largest food database, it allows you to put in your own recipes and figures out the nutritional contents.It includes other features such as exercise database, goal tracker and friend tracker to help you stay motivated.This app is free.

Lose It

This app keeps track of the calories that you have eaten and how much exercise is needed to eliminate those extra calories.This app is equipped with a bar code scanner which is much easier that putting in your food information.It helps you in that it subtracts calories when you have exercised extra.This app is free for the basic version, but cost $39.99 per year if you enroll in the premium weight-loss program.

Restaurant Nutrition

Eating out and traveling frequently can be hard to count calories and plan meals, but there is an app that can help you navigate around the food choices in a restaurant.It included over 250 restaurants and 60,000 food items with all the nutritional information needed.This app is free, can you believe it.

Well folks, now that you have apps that can help in your healthy lifestyle, let’s get this done the right way.

Happy Eating.

Resources: www.healthywomen.org

6/8/2021 2:23:07 PM
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