FCS Healthy St. John Community Coalition Meeting Minutes

November 12, 2020
10:00 a.m.
Via Microsoft Teams


  • Artis Williams - St. John United Way
  • Andre’ Brock - LSU AgCenter
  • Matthew Broussard - Louisiana Tobacco
  • Tammy Swindle - CAGNO
  • Lisa Ellsworth - Healthy Blue
  • Laureen Arceneaux - Community Volunteer
  • Lisa Weber - SU AgCenter
  • Patti Rodrigue - Ag in the Classroom Volunteer
  • Cynthia Clifton - LSU AgCenter

The meeting opened at 10:05 a.m.

Cynthia Clifton welcomed everyone to the meeting.Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the meeting was held via Microsoft Teams.Each participant introduced themselves.Cynthia Clifton shared the agenda.

Minutes from August 20, 2020

Minutes from the August 20, 2020 meeting was sent to the members beforehand so that they could review.A motion was made to accept the minutes as written by Mr. Artis Williams and seconded by Mrs. Laureen Arceneaux. Motion passed.

Subcommittee Updates:

Community Engagement – It was reported that the Community Engagement committee was working on several projects.Some of the projects that were completed included the Rotary Club of LaPlace donating funds to purchase water bottles for the St. John Head Start students.Another project was the painting of stencils in the Thomas Daley Park on Highway 51.Five stencils were painted in the Thomas Daley Park which included: Caterpillar, lungs, squats, side jump, and jumping jack.A third project was Healthy Blue donating water bottles for East St. John High School students.Water bottles were donated to the students so that they would have their own personal water bottle for water to stay hydrated during the day at school.These water bottles could be brought home washed and returned with water for the next day.Cynthia Clifton showed a PowerPoint to the committee members of the presentations from and to the schools and park in the parish.Volunteers from the parish government included Mr. Michael Sanders, Park & Recreation Director, Ms. Ynoka, parish worker, and Ms. Monica Franks, Parks and Recreations worker.There are plans to paint stencils in the Juan Anthony Memorial park within the next month, and in the other parks in the parish.St. John parish has 14 parks.

Community & School Gardens – Andre’ Brock reported that students have returned back to school. The Master Gardeners and Andre’ along with ECW had an outdoor activity with the students.Everyone had a great time.The garden at ECW is checked every other week.They have planted carrots, lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage, snow peas, and strawberries.Upon harvesting the produce, he will get Cynthia Clifton to come and help explain the benefits of the produce and bring the smoothie bike to make some smoothies with the students.They are planning on planting kale sometime in the Spring.St. Peter and AOL have gardens at their schools, but the students take care of those gardens.Lisa Weber asked Andre’ if he was doing anything with the gardens in St. James Parish.He said no, but he has helped Becky Loupe at Lutcher High with some questions that she had when she started the garden at the school.

Youth Voice – Cynthia Clifton stated that she is working with Terry Charles to do something with the schools, especially with the Head Start students in December.More information to follow.Patti Rodrigue mentioned that in St. James Parish the Fast Food Farm is having a backpack give-a-way for the students in St. James Parish since they cannot visit the Fast Food Farm.They will be packing the backpacks on November 18 and delivering them on November 19.They are expected to distribute 1000 bags.

Transportation – the meeting that was scheduled was cancelled due to not having a quota for the meeting.

Next meeting date



Meeting adjourned at 10:38 a.m.

11/17/2020 8:57:14 PM
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