FCS Healthy St. John Community Coalition Meeting Minutes August 20, 2020

August 20, 2020

10:00 a.m.

Via Microsoft Teams


  • Ivy Mathieu Community Volunteer
  • Artis Williams St. John United Way
  • Valerie Vincent LSU AgCenter
  • Donna Bliss CASA
  • William Magee South Central Louisiana Human Services Authority
  • Andre’ Brock LSU AgCenter
  • Matthew Broussard Louisiana Tobacco
  • Anne Baudier Healthy Blue
  • Terry Charles St. John the Baptist Parish School Nutrition Director
  • Tammy Swindle CAGNO
  • Lisa Ellsworth Healthy Blue
  • Sarah Isom LSU AgCenter
  • Cynthia Clifton LSU AgCenter

The meeting opened at 10:03 a.m.

Cynthia Clifton welcomed everyone to the meeting.Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the meeting was held via Microsoft Teams.Each participant introduced themselves.Cynthia Clifton shared the agenda.

Guest Speaker – Parish President Hotard

Cynthia Clifton informed the group that she received an email from President Hotard’s assistant informing her that she would not be able to attend because of an urgent COVID-19 testing issue.President Hotard sent her deepest regrets.

Subcommittee Updates

Community Engagement – Cynthia Clifton reported that she talked to Lamont Bigham and he informed her of the website information.Cynthia Clifton sent out a poll for the committee to vote on the name for the website.The three names were: Healthystjohn.com, Healthystjohnparish.com or Healthystjohnhc.com.She reported that she had received 9 votes so far and that she would send the results when she got all of them.Cynthia Clifton reported that Lamont Bigham stated that the cost of the domain is $12.00 - $15.00 per year, however, he would be willing to pay the cost of the domain if need be.Also, there is hosting the website and he can also host the website on his hosting site until the committee was able to take control.Hosting cost is from $75.00 - $100.00 per year.He stated the Go Daddy was having a special of $1.00 per year for one year and then the price would go up to $18.00 per year.The committee decided that they would go with Lamont Bigham for the start up and then later change.Ivy Mathieu asked if it would be possible for the LSU AgCenter to take control of the cost. Andre’ Brock said that the LSU AgCenter does have rebate money and he was sure that it would not be a problem paying $12.00 a year for the domain.Cynthia Clifton will contact Lamont Bigham and inform him of the discussion and decision of the committee.

Community & School Gardens – Andre Brock reported that due to the COVID-19, the schools have not returned yet, and will not return until September 8, 2020.He did report that he has been going to Emily C. Watkins (ECW) school to check on their garden from time to time.He reported that the LSU AgCenter has a blender bike that makes smoothies and that they had planned to have a program, but the COVID-19 pandemic came up and everything was halted.He said that they are looking at doing something maybe later in the Fall.

Youth Voice – Andre’ Brock mentioned to the group that Ashley Terry resigned and is working at a school in St. Tammany Parish. He reported that he along with some of the master gardeners are maintaining the garden and pulling weeds at ECW and he is also checking on the garden at St. Peter. Ascension of Our Lord (AOL) maintains their garden themselves.

Ivy Mathieu asked who provides the seedlings for the gardens? Andre’ Brock said that the seedlings are not expensive and that some were purchased, and some were donated by the Martin’s in Luling and St. James Nursery in Lutcher.Ivy Mathieu asked about the PPE for the teachers and children when planting in the gardens and what is expected.Andre’ Brock said that Cynthia Clifton will get involved in the food part and exercise part when the gardens are up and growing.She will also talk about food safety.Ivy Mathieu asked how are we going to track the changes and behavior of the children?Andre Brock said that children seemed hesitant to try new vegetables.He also stated that we can follow through with the LSU AgCenter statics department.

Terry Charles asked about the advertising of the nutrition classes with the AgCenter.Cynthia Clifton informed her that the classes were advertised in the newspaper, on the library website and put on the parish website and Channel 15.Terry Charles stated that she has a Facebook page for the school and that we can post on that website also.

Matthew Broussard asked if the committee would consider getting a Facebook page to put the information out?Cynthia Clifton said that she would talk to Lamont Bigham about doing a Facebook page for the committee also.Ivy Mathieu ask Cynthia Clifton if she would be the housekeeper of the Facebook page and measure the progress? Cynthia Clifton said that she would.

Transportation – Ivy Matthieu reported that she and Cynthia Clifton has attended the parish Transportation meeting in the past, but she attended the meeting a couple of weeks ago and is still advocating for the Transportation Department.She said that the RTPA have been in existence for 11 years and there is no known objective that she is aware of.She also said that the Transportation Department must follow board directions.She has asked for the history of Transportation and they said that they would come up with a bar graph to share with the board.She also asked if they had a five-year plan and did not get an answer as to when they would have that.Ivy Mathieu informed the committee that there is an AARP Transportation Workshop on September 15 & 16, 2020.Cynthia Clifton will send the email to everyone to see if they are interested in attending the workshop.

Stencil in the Parks – Cynthia Clifton reported that she had talked to the Director of Parks & Recreation and she is on board with putting the stencil in all the parks in St. John Parish, starting with the Thomas Daley park in LaPlace and the Juan Antoine park in Edgard.Cynthia Clifton said that others are also on board with placing the stencils in the park, Dr. Firmin, President Hotard, Mrs. Poche, Mr. Madere, and Mrs. Price.

Next meeting date

November 12, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.


Meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.

FCS Healthy St John Community Coaliton August Meeting 8-20-2020pdf

8/31/2020 8:00:10 PM
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