Minutes from FCS Healthy Community Forum October 17, 2019

Each participant introduced themselves and stated their affiliation with the parish.

Using a standard grading scale, (A, B, C, D, F), how would you grade the overall health of adults and children in St. John the Baptist Parish and why?



Overall average is C.

Strengths (What are some things that are already being done to help people in St. John the Baptist Parish become healthier?)

  • Head Start Nurse
  • School food services
  • Physical activity/Parks/Recreation
  • Nurses
  • Weight management
  • Access to health
  • Parish health fairs
  • Faith based health fairs
  • Food banks/free lunch
  • Commodities
  • ER reopened
  • United Way
  • United Way involvement 4-H
  • Transportation
  • School gardens
  • Tech Action Center medical clinic w/sliding scale
  • Senior Citizen centers
  • Bike trails/path
  • Mental health
  • COA
  • Faith Based Outreach
  • Concerned citizens of SJBP 2019
  • Congregational wellness
  • Youth coordinator for TFL
  • 26 smoke free policies in State
  • Air quality issues
  • Knowledge on what’s going on in the parish
  • Fifth Ward School close to plant
  • Need clean indoor air policy in St. John
  • District base plan of main complete streets
  • DOTD committee – explore
  • Youth employment
  • Recreational programs
  • Funding for local food
  • Continuing adult education
  • Hospital and education for chronic disease prevention
  • More healthy foods options
  • Need SNAP money
  • Healthy Options
  • Community gardens
  • Farm to school programs
  • Cooking with herbs, etc.
  • Farmer markets – test market
  • Food dessert on West Bank
  • Transportation
  • Ag in the class needed
  • Increase local farms/community gardens
  • West Bank Food programs
  • STEM & Ag in the classroom opportunity to add back in the community – 4-H Opportunity for education development
  • Official Healthy Living coalition for St. John
  • Quarterly meeting for resources representatives
  • Wellness policy for school food services in St. John
  • District wide wellness policy
  • Faith Based meal deliver on weekends
  • Cynthia doing nutrition education at Head Start and schools Already being done)
  • Weekend back pack program with nutritious foods for youth
  • Blessing Boxes (4-H project)
  • Deacon board to support
  • Mini Grants
  • Healthy Blue partnership
  • AARP programs
  • Transportation
  • Organization and structure
  • Leaders acknowledge what they are doing - support
  • Need partnership
  • Connecting the dots with the leaders – organization with structure (Artis)
  • Parish/District communication
  • Volunteers
  • Public knowledge and education
  • Funding – very important
  • Systematic Communication
  • Fear of health care
  • Funding
  • Brothers program
  • Medication checks for children with medical issues (over medicated children)
  • Opioid epidemic
  • Cut the pressure
  • Highest health risk
  • Education on diabetes for outcomes with adults and youth
  • Increased parental involvement
  • Formed coalition
  • Walking path
  • Action plans
  • Results
  • Healthy meeting policy
  • Sustainable
  • Non-profit alliance and others coming together
  • Sample vision to drive behaviors with purpose
  • Lowered chronic disease rates
  • United Way
  • Mission statement

Weaknesses (What are the things that are keeping people in St. John the Baptist Parish from being healthy?)

Opportunities (What are somethings the community could do to help improve the overall health of its residents, both adults and children?)

Each participant were given the opportunity to write 3 things that could help move the parish forward.

Red Dots – have the greatest impact

  • Funding
  • Community Outreach
  • Transportation
  • Impatient medical facility
  • Back Pack program
  • Minimal awareness of cancer threat and community response
  • Weekend food back pack program
  • Fresh food availability

Blue Dots – easy to implement

  • Clean air indoor policy
  • Fresh food availability
  • Back Pack program
  • 4-H school gardening program
  • Back pack program for students during the week and on weekends
  • 4-H

Green Dots – prioritize the most important

  • 4-H
  • Community Outreach
  • Community gardens

No Dots

  • District Food Service Committee
  • Leader buy-in
  • Community involvement
  • Must form a healthy living coalition
  • Major chance to create resource knowledge/access in community/Region
  • Parish leader over support of healthy living thru actions and deeds
  • Parish wide wellness education
  • Create walkable communities
  • Transportation
  • Affordable transportation services
  • Opportunity to improve REGIONAL health by addressing emissions of carcinogens in the community
  • Community education regarding dangers of E-cigarettes and second hand smoke
  • Housing
  • Ag classes available in the school system
  • Strengthen youth mentoring – invite youth participation

Threats (What are somethings that could keep a community health program from succeeding in St. John the Baptist Parish?)

Closing (If we are successful in impacting the health of the people in St. John the Baptist Parish, what would that look like?

The committee came up with the following:

Count on me!

  • Community Garden
  • Back Pack Program
  • Funding
  • Transportation
  • 4-H Ag in the Classroom
  • Artis Williams
  • Laureen Arceneaux
  • Cynthia Clifton
  • Larry Sorapuru
  • Ivy Mathieu
  • Ashanti Johnson
  • Donna Bliss
  • Evelena Conerly
  • Joe Carr
  • Cynthia Clifton
  • Valerie Vincent
  • Community Outreach/Coalition
10/24/2019 4:05:43 PM
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