FCS Healthy Community Advisory Board Minutes June 13, 2019


Laureen Arceneaux - Volunteer

Artis Williams - St.John United Way

Lisa Weber - SU AgCenter

Lamont Bigham - Department of Health and Human Services

Valerie Vincent - LSU AgCenter

Cynthia Clifton - LSU AgCenter

Cynthia Clifton welcomed and thanked everyone for attending the FCS Healthy Community Advisory Board meeting.The meeting opened at 10:15 a.m.

Opening prayer was in silence.

Everyone introduced themselves and stated what agency they were affiliated with. Minutes from the March 27, 2019 meeting was read.A motion to accept the minutes was made by Laureen Arceneaux and seconded by Artis Williams.Motion Passed.

Faithful Families Program & PSE’s – Valerie Vincent

Faithful Families is a 9 week faith-based church program.Lay leaders are trained to teach nutrition lessons in the church so the church learns how to eat healthy.A 3 minute video of physical activity with the Green Family will explain the PSE’s and how it works.PSE stands for Policy Systems and Environment.“The healthy choice MUST be the easy choice” saying of the AgCenter.

The Social-Ecological Model impact the smallest to the largest which starts with the: Individual -> Interpersonal -> Institutions and Organizations -> Community -> Structures and Systems.

The Policy is an intervention that creates amended laws, ordinances, resolutions, mandates, regulations, or rules. {Example: A school district wellness policy requires nutrition education and physical activity interventions to be offered by SNAP-Ed qualified schools.}A policy would also be establishing policies for smoke-free zones and public events or establishing healthy food options in vending machines in public places.

Systems is an intervention that impact all elements of an organization, institution, or system.{Example: Developing plans for implementing new interventions and processes.} It also includes creating training or certification systems that align with policies or often systems change focuses on changing infrastructure within a school, park, worksite or health setting.

Environmental is an intervention that involve physical or material changes to the economic, social, or physical environment. {Example: Environmental change can be as simple as installing bike signage on already established bike routes or as complex as sidewalk or bike lane installation and pedestrian friendly intersections to promote walking and biking.} Also environmental change is a change made to the physical environment or increasing the availability of fresh, healthy foods in schools, restaurants, and cafeterias.Establish school and community gardens.

Examples of PSE change would include the following:

  • Policy =School district has an open community use policy, which allows free access to school playground and walking tracks before and after school hours.
  • Systems = City of ABC is making all city-owned vending machines healthy by selling only healthy food and beverages.
  • Environmental = ABC Parish youth successfully advocated for safety signs and safe passages to school near ABC Middle School.

Some small changes would include water instead of soda.Choices made in groups are easier than individual choices.Health Care Connections – gave water bottles to each students with their names on the water bottle during a health fair.

There are a total of 25 states that are smoke-free.

Discussion of Issues:

  • See if St. John the Baptist Parish is total a smoke-free parish.
  • 15 minute to wellness at work – walking video.
  • Bike and walking path.
  • School gardens – see if schools can buy back veggies planted by school gardens.
  • Have events after school for community (1 day event).
  • Safe cross walking.
  • Smoking signs on all buildings not just governmental buildings.
  • Walk audit.
  • Exercise at elderly programs after nutrition lessons.
  • Kids walk at school (1 day event).
  • Work on action plan for next meeting.
  • Check into painted sidewalks in the parks using stencils.

The next meeting is scheduled for August 22, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. at the 40th JDC Juvenile Building in Reserve.

Meeting adjourned at 10:45 a.m.

6/20/2019 2:41:44 PM
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