February 2019 St. John Parish 4-H Clover Chronicle

St. John 4-H CLOVER CHRONICLE February 2019

Livestock News:

The District and State Shows were held earlier this month. Congratulations to all our St. John participants!

In This Issue

*Record Books Due (March 22)

*Poetry Contest (March 28)

*Cookery Contest (April 6)

*Achievement Day (April 12)

Achievement DAY!

Achievement Day is April 12th at East St. John High School! Let’s show that 4-H spirit and come out and celebrate the 4-H year with members across St. John Parish. Hope you have planned to wear green, clovers, or your club 4-H shirt. Record Books DUE March 22, 2019.


All 4-H clubs are encouraged to display a 4-H Banner, which also helps identify the school. It must be large enough to read from at least 50 ft away. Banners will be judged at Achievement day for a club award.


Each club is encouraged to have a skit to perform at Achievement Day. Skits should be performed by a group from the club; no individual skits. At least fifty percent of your club should be involved in the skit; however, all members are encouraged to be involved. Each club is limited to one skit which should last 5-10 min.


Each club is encouraged to prepare a 4-H Song and/or Yell to enter into the contest. Songs and yells are separate contests. They will be judged on originality, quality, and unity.


The club with the most spirit has a chance to win this award. Some ways to win this award are: signs/banners/flags, members dressed alike, group cheering at appropriate times, showing respect, healthy attitudes, cheering and encouraging others, and keeping the area clean & neat.

4-H Cookery Contest!

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Veterans’ Home from 2pm-5pm

4080 W Airline Hwy, Reserve, LA 70084

Cooking Contest Categories for 5 specific agriculture commodities!

Egg, Ground Beef, Seafood, Poultry, Sugar, and Bento (an added category)

Winners will be eligible for the District Cookery Contest in May 2018.

Overall guidelines (Category rules is in a separate attachment):

1. 4-H’ers may enter more than one dish, but only ONE per division.

2. Must have a typed COPY OF YOUR RECIPE with your dish. Include

name, grade, and school on the BACK of your recipe.

3. Bring dishes in a container with serving utensil (if needed).

4. There will be microwaves to heat up dishes.

5. Contest entries will be scored on taste, appearance, originality, and recipe.

Any question about rules or this contest, please contact the 4-H agent, Andre Brock. While dishes are being judged there will be a food demonstration where the contestants will have a hands-on learning with the veterans. This event will allow the 4-H’ers to be a part of a cookery contest, learn a new skill, and provide a service to the local veterans.

ALL DISHES MUST BE BROUGHT CHILLED! (Bring in ice chest on ice)- unless it is a dish not needed to heat up such as cakes, cookies, etc.

Poetry Contest

Safety is very important in everyday life. One of the important things 4-H focuses on is how to be safe. Show off your poetry skills with what you know about safety. Pick one safety topic to write about. Example: bike safety, railroad safety, road safety, hunter safety, etc. The poem can be any type of poem at any length. Extra points if you present your poem at your next club meeting!

RULES: Must be typed in Time New Roman, 12 pt. font, and double spaced.

Contest will be 4th-6th, 7th-8th, and 9th-12th grade.

DUE March 28, 2019

Bye-bye, Ms. Brittney Ivey

As you probably noticed, our 4-H Agent of the last year-and-a-half has resigned, moving home to Texas to work on 4-H in Houston. We enjoyed the time she spent with us and we wish her the best. However, the position is now vacant and we’re unsure when it will be filled.

In the meantime, Area Horticulture Agent (County Agent) and St. John Parish Chair Andre’ Brock will fill the gap as best he can. Please bear in mind this is in addition to his regular duties in horticulture for four parishes. Big events like Achievement Day and the Cooking Contest will still be held. But many smaller events will have to be suspended until we get a new full-time 4-H Agent.

Any 4-H issues may be directed to Mr. Brock at abrock@agcenter.lsu.edu or (985) 497-3261. Use the phone contact if your issue is time-sensitive.

Contact Us

Cooperative Extension Service St. John Parish 151 East 3rd Street P.O. Box 250 Edgard, LA 70049 Office: 985-497-3261 Fax: 985-497-3409 Email: stjohn@agcenter.lsu.edu

Visit us on the web at www.lsuagcenter.com

Like us on Facebook: St. John Parish 4-H

It is the policy of the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service that no person shall be subjected to discrimination on the grounds of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, or disability.

If you have a disability which requires special assistance for your participation in any of our activities, please contact the office at 985-497-3261.

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