FCS Nutrition Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

FCS Healthy Community Advisory Board Minutes

St. John the Baptist

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

St. John the Baptist Parish Library, LaPlace


Patti Rodrigue Volunteer

Laureen Arceneaux Volunteer

Lisa Weber SU AgCenter

Artis Williams St. John United Way

Joe Carr Social Worker

Sheela Jambotkar Volunteer

Marcy Willett Child Advocate Services CAS

Shannon Brown Child Advocate Services CAS

Lisa Ellsworth Healthy Blue Louisiana

Alyssa Avet Region 3 Maternal and Child Health

Terry Charles St. John Director of Food & Nutrition Services

Cynthia Clifton LSU AgCenter

Cynthia Clifton welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending the FCS Healthy Community Advisory Board meeting.The meeting opened at 10:09 a.m.

Opening prayer was led by Patti Rodrigue.

Everyone introduced themselves and stated what agency they were affiliated with. Minutes from the May 9, 2018 meeting was read.A motion to accept the minutes was made by Patti Rodrigue and seconded by Lisa Weber.Motion Passed

New Business:

Alyssa Avet introduced a Nurse-Family Partnership Program that her agency is partnering with the high schools to offer to teens in Regions 1 – 9 that are pregnant and going to school.The program is FREE for students who are pregnant with their first baby.When the students are enrolled, they are connected to a registered nurse who will provide the support, advice and information they need to have a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby and be a great mom.For more information contact Partners for Healthy Babies at (985) 857-3601 or Partnersforhealthybabies.org.The mothers are allowed to drop out of the program at any time.Danette Jones – Nurse in St. Charles Health Unit is also a contact person.This program does not only focus on mental health.

Lisa Ellsworth with Healthy Blue works in Community Relations and she is interested in learning of health care needs in the St. John the Baptist Community.She stated that the Medicaid expansion was cut off by Governor John Bell Edwards.She also announced that she is interested in sponsoring a Baby Shower Expo in the St. John the Baptist area and she is looking for space to hold the event.

Marcy Willett with Child Advocacy Services (CAS) is a non-profit organization that provides services through the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) and Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) programs and are looking for volunteers.CAS offer several programs such as: Safe Dates, Stewards of Children, Not A Number, Care-ageous Kids, Understanding Adverse Childhood Experience (ACEs), Mandated Reporting Review, Triple P, Powerful Paws, SBS 101 (Don’t Shake Take a Break), Plant, Protect, Prevent!, A Bag with a Purpose, Children’s Artwork to Prevent Child Abuse, Prepared, Not Scared, Recognize, React, Report, Buttons of Bravery and Voices for Children Bowl.

Lisa Weber informed the committee that Donaldsonville has a Farmer’s Market that operates every first Saturday of the month and they are looking for vendors.There is no fee for the vendors to set up a booth.The Farmer’s Market is opened from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.

Patti Rodrigue reported that Tractor Supply in LaPlace has a Farmer’s Market on the first Saturday of the month also.They invite vendors to set up booths if they wish. The contact persons are Philip or Ray.

As the committee talked about different programs/workshops that could be brought to St. John Parish, it was stated that maybe a shopping education tour at Winn Dixie or Food For Less for WIC parents and Head Start moms.

Terry Charles spoke about the different programs that the school has to offer this year.She also stated that there are new policies and procedures that are being implemented this year at all of the schools in St. John the Baptist Parish.She stated that there will be a National School Breakfast in March 2019, National Nutrition Month in March 2019 and National School Month in October 2018.

Artis Williams asked about the Summer Feeding Program and Terry Charles stated that the Summer Feeding Program piggy backs off the school year menu which is done through the Department of Health and Human Services.She also stated that the managers that work with Summer Feeding Program are from the School Board.

Other programs that were mentioned that could be offered in St. John Parish included Read through Pictures where fruits would be given to the students who color pictures through the program.This programs could be partnered with Winn Dixie.

During the Backpack-give-away in July before school starts, partner with Winn Dixie or Wal-Mart to give fruits to the children and parents as they pick up their school supplies.This would be a great way to introduce parents and children to fruits and something healthy.

A Smart Shopping with parents could be offered, to help the parents shop smart by purchasing items in the store that are along the wall and not in the middle (aisle).

Lisa Ellsworth mentioned that they have done a Passport System, where the parents have to visit at least 4 or 5 vendors and get a stamp saying that they visited vendors in order to receive a back pack for the children.Only healthy snacks are given out.

It was suggested by Cynthia Clifton that the healthy snacks be placed at the beginning of the line for the back pack give-a-ways.Terry Charles reported that at the schools, the healthy snacks are placed at the beginning of the line and the students are allowed to choose up to 3 healthy items.

It was suggested that a Healthy Nutrition Club be organized at the high schools and if that works well, start one at the middle schools.This can be a campaign that goes on all year round.The PTO parents could also get involved and maybe have a Family Food Night during the PTO meetings.

It was also suggested that the community gardens be brought back.

St. John the Baptist Parish is having a medical fair in October 2018.Location and time to follow.

Terry Charles reported that this year there are a lot of children reported with diabetes and allergies.More education needs to be offered to parents, children and families.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 14, 2018.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

9/5/2018 3:12:09 PM
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