2022-2023 Wetland Ambassadors Team

2022-2023 Wetland Ambassadors Applicant InformationjpgObjective:

To inspire youth to become leaders for wetland-related issues in their community by promoting wetlands literacy through immersive field study, mentorship, service learning, and public outreach activities.

Application Process:

  1. Submit a completed online application by the deadline: May 6, 2022.
  2. Participate in the Wetland Ambassadors Team Selection Process in June.
    1. The selection process will be conducted during 4-H University (virtual interviews available on case-by-case basis). It will comprise of you presenting a 60-second elevator pitch about a wetland-related topic (to be assigned to you beforehand),answering follow-up questions about your pitch, and a quick interview.

Ambassadors will be required to:

  • Attend all of the Wetland Ambassadors Team’s retreats: Summer (August 4-7, 2022); Fall (October 14-16, 2022);Winter (January 13-15, 2023); and Spring (March 24-26,2023)
  • Complete outreach training and actively participate in lessons and workshops.
  • Complete at least 25 hours of continued learning, service, civic engagement, and outreach activities
      • At least 6 outreach hours
      • At least 10 continued learning hours
      • At least 4 civic engagement hours
      • 5 additional hours of outreach, continued learning, civic engagement, and/or service.
  • For each retreat, research a wetland-related topic and prepare a presentation or activity for that topic.
  • Serve as a Wetland Ambassador for their parish, region, and state.
  • Communicate regularly through phone, email, social media, and/or online website.
  • Provide their own transportation to team events, when necessary.
  • Be an active member of their 4-H club (if possible).
  • Submit acceptance of position, read entire member packet, and pay $250 membership dues by July 15, 2022.
      • Or pay membership dues in pre-scheduled installments (additional payment information will be available in member packet).

  • Ambassadors may be asked to:

  • Organize and participate in regional activities and/or provide wetland outreach for area trainings, challenge camps, or other programs.
  • Organize and/or participate in wetland service events.
  • Assist with wetlands-related educational programs at 4-HUniversity and attend JLC, if necessary.
  • Present at committee or board meetings for state agencies, coalitions, and/or commissions.

  • Annual Agenda:

    Most of the Wetland Ambassadors activities will be conducted during the four retreats; as well as, by email, online website, and/or telephone. 4-H’ers will need to be responsible, dependable, and dedicated to their role as a Wetland Ambassador. Dates may be changed due to circumstances beyond control. Other activities may be planned throughout the year, but the activities listed below are definite. If a required event is not attended, that ambassador will be put on probation until they complete the required make-up tasks. An ambassador cannot miss two required events in a row. If they do, they will be dismissed from the team.

    June 21, 2022 Wetland Ambassadors Team Interviews at 4-H University
    August 4-7, 2022Summer Retreat
    October 14-16, 2022Fall Retreat
    January 13-15, 2023Joint WAT & SET Board Winter Meeting
    March 24-26, 2023Spring Retreat

    For the PDF of the information provided above, please click here. You may access the application here. Additional questions about the Wetland Ambassadors Team may be emailed to Catherine Fox at cfox@agcenter.lsu.edu.

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