Congratulations to Our Shooting Sports Competitors

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EBR ASC Shootjpg(Pictured here from Left to right: 4-H Shooting Sports Ambassador Marco Hebert, Bobby Whitaker, Volunteer James Heine, and Jesse Whitaker)

February 27th and 28th East Baton Rouge Parish 4-H program hosted an Invitational Shooting Sports Match. This event was open to 4-H youth from 10 parishes in the Southeast District of the state. 172 competitors were entered into 7 events:

  1. BB
  2. Air Pistol
  3. Air Rifle
  4. Archery
  5. Shotgun Trap
  6. Skeet
  7. Sporting Clays

To ensure that all social distancing recommendations were followed, the event was split between a Saturday and Sunday. Saturday’s events were held at the 4-H Property in Baker while the Sunday events were graciously hosted by the Bridgeview Gun Club, located in Port Allen.

The following weekend, March 6th and 7th, EBRP 4-H youth competed in the Ascension Parish Invitational shoot in the same events listed above. All events were held on location in Sorrento, LA.

We would like to say a special thank you to our parents, instructors, and volunteers that made the event possible. We would like to recognize and congratulate the following competitors for their hard work and dedication throughout the difficult year:

  • Sarah Gil- 1st Place- Sr. Air Pistol
  • James Donahoe- Sr. Air Rifle and 1st Place Sr. Barebow
  • Heather Kyzar- 2nd Place Sr. Barebow
  • Marc Hebert- Sr. Air Rifle
  • Luke Schulze – Jr. Compound 12-13 Limited, Jr. Shotgun
  • Marjorie “Maggie” Lherisson- Jr. Compound 12-13 Limited
  • Grace Lherisson- Sr. Barebow
  • Leah Gil- 1st Place Sr. Sighted Recurve
  • Kailyn Potts 2nd place- Sr. Sighted Recurve and Sr. Barebow
  • Emily Tucker 1st place-Jr. Genesis
  • Jewel Copas- Jr Genesis
  • Layla Johnson- Sr. Barebow
  • Isaac rupnow- Jr. Shotgun
  • Bobby Whitaker- Jr. Shotgun
  • Jesse Whitaker- Jr. Shotgun
  • Levi Moore- Jr. Shotgun
  • Jeffry Meyer- Jr. Shotgun
  • Braden Ballard- Jr. Shotgun
  • Roman Johnson- Jr. Shotgun
  • Cade Hebert- Jr. Shotgun
  • JoElla Sharkey- Jr. Shotgun
  • Christopher Boeneke- Jr. Shotgun
  • Max Dixon- Jr. Shotgun
  • Brooks Hebert- Jr. Shotgun
  • Grant Dunn- Sr. Shotgun
  • Jase Holt- Sr. Shotgun
  • Aerick Kees- Sr. Shotgun
  • Ronald Johnson- Sr. Shotgun
  • Andrew Robinson- Sr. Shotgun
  • Taylor Van- Sr. Shotgun
6/8/2021 3:50:05 PM
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