New Faculty Profile: Intercontinental ‘Leap’ Brings Assistant Professor to LSU

Tobie Blanchard

Maria Bampasidou never really dreamed of living and working in the United States. Bampasidou, a native of Greece, is an assistant professor in the LSU College of Agriculture Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness.

She ended up here after professors at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, where she received her undergraduate degree in mathematics, and at the Athens University of Economics and Business where she earned a graduate degree in economics, encouraged her to apply to doctorate programs in the U.S.

“I saw moving as a way to test myself and my skills, and how I cope in another place,” Bampasidou said. “I saw it as an adventure.”

Bampasidou received the highest scholarship from the Department of Food and Resource Economics at the University of Florida and decided to take a leap.

“It was eye-opening to come here,” she said. “But I really appreciate the diversity, not just of people, but of ideas.”

After receiving her doctorate, Bampasidou taught at the University of Florida for two years before coming to LSU in July 2015.

Here she teaches a graduate-level course on agriculture production and labor supply and an undergraduate class on agricultural price analysis. Her students affectionately refer to her as Dr. Maria.

Bampasidou serves as the faculty adviser for the LSU Agribusiness Club and is the professional service adviser for the student sections of the professional Agricultural and Applied Economics Association and the Southern Agricultural Economics Association. She said these roles help her understand the “vibe” of the students.

“We are small department, so I can help with recruiting, mentoring, internships and scholarships,” she said.

Bampasidou is also interested in helping students find research opportunities within the department.

Her research focuses on labor supply and agriculture production, labor economics, agriculture finances, and risk and uncertainty.

She said her move to the U.S. and the start of her career here has taught her “you can have opportunities if you have perseverance.”

Bampasidou said she sees a lot of potential for growth and opportunities in her position, and she is enjoying life on the LSU campus.

“I really like the atmosphere of campus. The architecture and landscaping are very beautiful,” she said.

Tobie Blanchard is a communications specialist with the LSU AgCenter and communications coordinator with the College of Agriculture.

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Maria Bampasidou. Photo by Tobie Blanchard

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Maria Bampasidou, assistant professor in the LSU College of Agriculture Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness and faculty adviser to the LSU Agribusiness Club, is pictured with club members Olivia Burroughs and Alexis Agard and Don Ator, research associate in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness. Photo by Tobie Blanchard

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