Shooting Sports Has Many Competition Opportunities

Craig Gautreaux

For a young person interested in the 4-H shooting sports program, there is no shortage of opportunities. Six main areas of competition comprise several categories. Youth can choose one area to specialize in or compete in multiple categories. Participants can enhance their skills in one area but are still able to compete in others that they enjoy.

Air-powered firearms. The three categories are air rifles, air pistols and BB guns. This area is geared toward younger competitors and does not require a range as large and complex as some of the other areas.

Archery. The four categories are compound bow, bare bow, sighted recurved bow and Genesis. The four cate­gories range the gamut of bows, starting with the sim­plest – the bare bow – and advancing to the complex: the compound bow.

Shotguns. Categories are modified trap shooting and advanced shotgun, which consists of trap shooting, skeet shooting and sporting clays.

Rifles. Only .22 rifles are used in three categories – CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program), the National Rifle Association three-position (prone, kneeling and stand­ing) and silhouettes.

Muzzleloaders. Categories are bulls-eye, bottle and critters, and silhouettes.

Hunting skills. The five categories are hunting ethics, rules and laws, wildlife identification, shooting and orienteering.

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2/8/2017 5:15:03 PM
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