LaHouse to offer HVAC, air leak detection training in September

(08/10/16) BATON ROUGE, La. – The LSU AgCenter LaHouse Resource Center will offer two classes in September designed to help contractors, inspectors and prospective energy code verifiers meet Louisiana residential energy code requirements and avoid common problems stemming from the hot, humid climate.

A Duct and Envelope Tightness (DET) Verifier certification class will take place on Sept. 6 and 7. The HVAC for Home Performance class on Sept. 6 to 8 includes the DET class plus an additional day of hands-on practice.

“A little-known fact is that as the energy efficiency bar rises, the margin of error shrinks, which can lead to moisture problems and other unintended outcomes,” said Claudette Reichel, AgCenter extension housing specialist.

“These classes go beyond mere code compliance to provide insights into building science concepts that affect end results,” she said. “They help contractors produce better performing homes so their customers can enjoy greater energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort, indoor air quality and durability.”

Participants who complete the DET course and written and field exams will be designated Southface Energy Institute certified DET Verifiers. This allows them to perform diagnostic testing and report building and duct tightness results to verify compliance with the 2009 International Residential Code (IRC) energy code.

LaHouse is an authorized provider for Southface DET training and certification.

The HVAC class includes the DET course as well as insights and best practices to prevent, diagnose and solve heating, cooling and ventilation problems in Louisiana’s climate, Reichel said.

DET certification is beneficial to HVAC contractors because it provides more code compliance options that are not available to those who are certified only in using duct test equipment for total leakage measurements, she said. DET verifiers can perform tests for both total leakage and leakage to outside.

All participants will receive a handbook, online tutorials, classroom instruction and hands-on exercises as well as the DET exams. The classes count for CEU hours for Louisiana residential contractors.

More information and links to register are available at the LaHouse Resource Center website, on the Seminars and Events page. LaHouse is located at 2858 Gourrier Ave. across from the Alex Box Baseball Stadium.

8/16/2016 7:33:00 PM
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