Livingston Parish Family & Consumer Sciences Advisory Leadership Council

Layne Arceneaux-Langley  |  1/19/2017 4:23:37 PM

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Monday, December 12, 2016

9:30 a. m.- 11:00 a.m.

Livingston Parish Extension Service 20140 Iowa St.

Livingston, LA 70754


On Monday, December 12, 2016, LSU Stakeholders met at the Livingston Parish Extension Office to develop a vision for the Livingston Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) Program. The meeting was originally scheduled for August when the parish was hit with great flooding. The goal of the meeting was for stakeholders to identify and prioritize the needs of the people of the parish.

LSU AgCenter Area Nutrition Agent, Layne Langley, welcomed members to the FCS Advisory Leadership Council (ALC) meeting. Langley stated the purpose of the ALC was to “assure that education, outreach, and research programs conducted by the LSU AgCenter are in keeping with the mission, vision, and goals of the LSU AgCenter”. She went on to inform the group that they identify issues of concern and help with program direction, market the LSU AgCenter programs, and collaborate with the LSU AgCenter. Langley noted her hope was to also provide opportunities to expand their leadership skills and for the members to share their talents. Those stakeholders in attendance were: Brandi Posey- PARDS, Monica Troxclair- PARDS, Sandra Cavalier- Quad Area, Sandra Flad- Regina Coeli Child Development, Jenifer Stewart- Maurepas Elementary, Annie Impson- Parent, Josalyn Robinson- Springfield Head Start, and Tammy Terry- Livingston Parish Adult Ed.

The members’ responsibilities were reviewed with the most important role being that of identifying the needs and issues of the clientele they represent. Langley conducted a Grains Scramble Activity to give the members a “taste” of her programming.. The group received an overview of the nutrition programs Langley has conducted in Livingston Parish as well as those groups she advises.

Reviewing the FCS ALC minutes from the last meeting held August 2015 followed.

All of the agencies represented were excited that Langley had been working with them to deliver nutriton programs. Several members mentioned they would share Mrs. Langley's contact information with co-workers including the K-12 schools.

The floor was opened for the memers to discuss current issues and make recomendations. It appears the obesity and diabetes are issues that plague Livingston Parish. Parent Education regarding obesity and diabetes including meal planning and exercise were mentioned. With parents being so busy, it was suggested that a news blast be developed where a recipe and healthy tips along with an exercise that one could do while sitting. The need for bathroom etiquette was also recommended as was the need for translators in the schools. Besides youth, another audience that requires services are our seniors. Perhaps a newsflash could be developed for them. There is also a necessity for summer activities in the Maurepas area. It was also suggested that social media like Facebook be utilized to provide cooking and exercise tips.

After the issues and recommendations were given, is was apparent that the members were networking amongst themselves.

Before adjourning, the stakeholders decided they would meet again in June and a group picture was taken.

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