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Emelia Clement  |  1/13/2017 4:33:04 PM

EFNEP, Creating Healthy Communities in Jefferson Parish, One family at a time.

Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) is delivered by LSU AgCenter. EFNEP assists families to have a better quality of life, improved diets and better management of food budgets and related resources.

NEED: Louisiana is 1 of 4 states with the highest adult obesity rates (>35%) in the nation (CDC, 2015). Obesity is 19% among young children and 21% for teens (The State of Obesity: Better Policies for a Healthier America, 2016). Louisiana has one of the highest poverty rates.(19.9%) in the U.S.

Research shows people living in poverty consume foods high in calories, low in nutrients and are not physically active. Through these practices they increase risks for chronic diseases like obesity, heart disease, hyper-tension and other related diseases.

RESPONSE Over 130 limited resource families and 700 youth were enrolled in EFNEP in 2015-16. They had access to up-to-date research-based nutrition information based on MyPlate & USDA Dietary Guide-lines for Americans. Program was presented by educators trained by LSU AgCenter faculty, in a series of interactive lessons with hands-on and physical activities, and healthy recipe tastings.

73% adult participants showed improvement in one or more nutrition practices– plan meals, compare make healthy food choices, read nutrition labels or have children eat breakfast.

71% adult participants showed improvement in one or more food resource management practices– plan meals, compare prices and use grocery lists.

36% adult participants showed improvement in one or more food safety practices– thawing and storing foods correctly.

71% of children and youth improved their ability to choose foods according to Federal Dietary Guidelines

31% improved their physical activity 37% used safe food handling practices more often

33% improved their ability to prepare simple nutritious, affordable food.

Every dollar invested in nutrition education results in nearly $11 in future health care savings. EFNEP is a free program. Who can participate in EFNEP? Parents with young children, pregnant women, adult caregivers with primary care of children. For more information on program participation contact: Emelia Clement at 504-736-6519; email: eclement@agcenter.lsu.edu . EFNEP Educators: Portia Brown and Gabrielle Smith

LSU AGCENTER Extension Office 1221 Elmwood Park Blvd. Suite 300, Jefferson, LA 70123 phone: 504-736-6519 Parish Chair: Beth Gambel

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