2022 Assumption Parish November 4-H Clover Chatter

Margo Castro, Templet, Loretta

Important Up Coming Events:

November Events:
11 – Recycled Art Contest
15-16 – SW Challenge Camp
19 – Ground Beef, Egg, Poultry, and Sweet Potato Cookery

December Events:
3 – Seafood, Rice & Sugar Cookery
9 – Pet Look-a-Like Portrait Contest
16 – Beef Poster Contest

Margo L. Castro
4-H Extension Agent
Assumption Parish LSU AgCenter
119 Robin Street
Napoleonville, LA 70390
(985) 369-6386

Beef Poster Contest

The purpose of the Louisiana 4-H Beef Poster Contest is to learn more about beef and/or beef products and its importance to human health. Make a poster telling a story of beef and/or beef products using a catchy title. Posters will be picked up at the December meetings or they can be brought to the 4-H Office on December 16, 2022.

2022 Theme: Beef: A Sustainable Choice

The poster contest is about marketing and communicating the all-around (environmental, health, nutrition, economic, etc.) benefits of beef.

Rules are:

  • Poster MUST BE on a 22”x 28” WHITE poster board only.
  • Do not attach anything to poster that is more than 1 inch thick.
  • Be sure to place your name, grade, and school on the back upper right corner of the poster.
  • Division I – 4th, 5th, and 6th
  • Division II – 7th, 8th, and 9th
  • Division III – 10th, 11th, and 12th

Hints: Get ideas from magazines, parents, friend, nutrition bulletins and meat publications Meat Institute or the National Livestock and Meat Board.

Pet Look-a-Like Portrait Contest

  • Pictures are due to 4-H Office by December 9, 2022. Pictures of entries may be emailed to mcastro@agcenter.lsu.edu, or dropped in the drop box outside the 4-H Office. No larger than 8x10.
  • Photograph will be judged on how much the pet and 4-H’er look-a-like.
  • Label pictures or email with 4-H’ers name, grade, and school on back.

Categories: Birds, Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Reptiles, and Any other

I PLEDGE my HEAD to clearer thinking,

My HEART to greater loyalty,
My HANDS to larger service,
And my HEALTH to better living.
For my club, my community, my country, and my world.

Archery – BB – Rifle – Shotgun

$50.00 Registration Fee Archery
$50.00 Registration Fee BB
$50.00 Registration Fee Rifle
$75.00 Registration Fee Shotgun
4-H’ers are responsible for their own firearm, ammunition, and safety gear.
For more information and to receive an application contact
Margo Castro, 4-H Agent @ 985-369-6386 or mcastro@agcenter.lsu.edu

Broiler Orders:

The 4-H Office is now excepting orders for Broilers.

Orders and money for broilers is due November 21, 2022, to the 4-H Office. Broilers can be purchased for $.50 each. Checks or money orders can be made payable to: Assumption 4-H Foundation.

Tentative delivery date: Thursday, January 5, 2023. For more information call the 4-H Office at 985-369-6386.

Click here to download the Broiler Chick Order Form

Make check payable to: Assumption 4-H Foundation

Mailing address: 4-H Office, 119 Robin Street, Napoleonville, LA 70390

4-H Night with the Pelicans
January 6, 2023 – 7:30 PM


Enjoy a great night of basketball with 4-H and receive a t-shirt to remember your night with the Pelicans!
A portion of the ticket sale proceeds will benefit 4-H.
To order tickets follow the link or scan the QR Code. https://pels.group/4HNight


The 4-H Seafood, Rice and Sugar Cookery Contest will be held on Saturday, Dec. 3, in the 4-H Office.
Registration will be 8:00-9:00 am.

Rules for Seafood, Rice, and Sugar Cookery
★Only one dish may be exhibited in each cookery contest.

  • Dishes are to be brought in a disposable dish.
  • Dishes should contain servings enough for five-six samples.
  • A copy of the recipe for the entire dish with title of recipe at the top.
  • Place 4-H’ers initials and grade only on back of recipe.
  • 4-H’ers will not stay for the judging. The dishes will be judged, and ribbons will be distributed at the club meetings.
General Contest Rules
  • Blue, Red, and White ribbons will be awarded in each division:
    Division I – 4th grade
    Division II – 5th & 6th grades
    Division III – 7th & 8th grades
    Division IV – 9th-12th grades

Seafood Cookery Rules:

To participate 4-H’ers need to:

● Bring a prepared seafood dish to the contest.
● The dish must use at least one (1) cup of seafood.
● The seafood must be fresh, frozen, dried, or pasteurized. Canned seafood is not acceptable. Surimi, an artificial crab made from fish, cannot be used.
● There can be no raw seafood in the final dish.
● Entries may contain a small amount of a second seafood but not more than ½ the amount of the primary seafood.

For example, a recipe could contain one cup of crab as the primary seafood and ½ cup of shrimp as the secondary seafood.

Please note: Seafood dish may be entered in only one of the five categories:

  • Crab Dish
  • Crawfish Dish
  • Fish Dish and other seafood (Example: Alligator, turtle, clams, squid, frog legs)
  • Oyster Dish
  • Shrimp Dish

Rice Cookery Rules:

To participate 4-H’ers need to:

  • Bring a prepared rice dish to the contest.
  • The dish must contain at least one (1) cup of cooked rice.
  • Wild rice is not a cultivated rice in Louisiana and does not meet the requirement of 1 cup rice for this contest.
  • Dishes containing rice produces such as rice cereal, rice flour, etc. must also contain cooked rice.
Please note: Rice dish may be entered in only one of the following categories:
  • Rice Main Dish
  • Rice Side Dish
  • Rice Dessert Dish

Sugar Cookery Rules:

To participate 4-H’ers need to:

  • Bring a prepared sugar dish to the contest.
  • The dish must use at least one-half cup of 100% sugar.
  • The sugar used in the recipe may be granulated white sugar, brown (light or dark) sugar, powdered sugar, or any combination of the above. Splenda is not considered an acceptable ingredient for this contest.
  • Dishes made from “scratch” are preferred; however, dishes containing mixes are permitted as long as 1/2 cup of additional sugar is added to the recipe. This might be in the form of a glaze, enhancement ingredient or other addition to mix.
Please note: Sugar dish may be entered in only one of five categories only:

  • Cake
  • Cookie
  • Candy
  • Pie
  • Any Other

2022-23 4-H Calendar of Events

November Events
Club Meetings as per schedule
11 – Recycled Art Contest Due
15-16 – SW Challenge Camp
19 – Ground Beef, Egg, Poultry, and Sweet Potato Cookery
21-25 – Thanksgiving Holiday (School)
24-25 – Thanksgiving Holiday (4-H Office)
TBA – Jr. Leader Meeting, 4-H Office

December Events
Club Meetings as per schedule
3 – Seafood, Rice, Sugar Cookery, 4-H Office
9 – Pet Look-A-Like Portrait Contest
16 – Beef Poster Contest Due
16-18 – Shooting Sports Camp
21- Jan. 3 – Christmas Holidays (School)
23-Jan. 2 – Christmas Holidays (4-H Office)
TBA – Jr. Leader Meeting, 4-H Office

January Events
Club meetings as per schedule
6 – 4-H Nights with the Pelicans
13 – Dairy Poster Contest Due
16 – Martin Luther King Holiday (School & 4-H Office)
20 – Duct Tape Contest Due
20-21 – Fashion Camp
28 – Parish Livestock Show
TBA – Jr. Leader Meeting, 4-H Office

February Events
No Club Meetings
2-4 – District Livestock Show
10 – Character Education Poster Contest Due
11-18 – State Livestock Show
20-24 – Mardi Gras Break (School)
21– Mardi Gras (4-H Office)
TBA – Jr. Leader Meeting, 4-H Office

March Events
Club Meetings as per schedule
Demonstration Days – At Club Meetings
4 – 4-H State Rabbit Show
11-18 – Southern Regional Shoot
22 – Area Cookery
30 – Sew with Cotton Contest Due
TBA – Jr. Leadership Conference
TBA – Co-op Camp
TBA – Jr. Leader Meeting, 4-H Office

April Events
No Club Meetings
4-5– Ag Day
7 – Easter Holiday (4-H Office)
7-14 – Easter Holiday (School)
15-22 – State Shooting Sports Match
TBA – Jr. Leader Meeting, 4-H Office

May Events
Club Meetings as per schedule
29 – 4-H Summer Camp – Camp Grant Walker
TBA – Jr. Leader Meeting, 4-H Office

June Events
TBA – 4-H University

July Events
July 4th Holiday (Office Closed)

TBA – To be announced

TBA = To be announced

TBA: Honey Bee Essay Contest, Ag Career Day, Garden Contest, Awards Banquet, and Jr. Leader Trip

“It is the policy of the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service that no person shall be subjected to discrimination on the grounds of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, or disability.”

If you have a disability which requires special assistance for your participation in any of our activities, please contact Margo Castro at 985-369-6386 or mcastro@agcenter.lsu.edu.

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