Lincoln Parish 4-H Cooking Contest Recipe form December 2018

4-H is continually adding new projects and events that appeal to and benefit the youth of this generation. 4-H offers projects and events in the areas of robotics, outdoor skills, and public speaking. These are just a few of the over 50 project areas that youth can be a part of by joining the LSU AgCenter 4-H Youth Development Program.

We are also an organization that is rich in tradition; therefore, we still offer a variety of projects and events that have been a part of the 4-H program in Louisiana for over 100 years. These traditional projects and events continue to be vital to youth development today as they provide knowledge and application of necessary life skills leading to competent, productive citizens. One of the traditional projects that we offer to youth is the Foods and Nutrition project. As traditional as this project is, it is still so very relevant today. It is vital that we educate our youth about healthy food choices and healthy ways to prepare foods. 4-H Cooking contests are good ways for kids to learn how to cook and refine their kitchen skills.We will be holding our Lincoln Parish 4-H Cooking Contest next month. The date of the contest is set for Dec. 1, 2018 and will be held at Tractor Supply of Ruston. Registration will begin at 9:30 a.m. and the contest will begin at 10:00 a.m. At the contest we are collecting “Puzzles for Patients”.An entry fee of one new puzzle is requested for entry into the contest. These will be given to a cancer treatment facility for cancer patients as a part of our parish wide cancer awareness service learning project.

The contest is open to all 4-H youth of Lincoln Parish and the contest details are outlined here:

General Rules:

  1. Provide 7 typed copies of the recipe using the Lincoln Parish 4-H Cooking Contest Recipe Form - call our office at 318-251-5134 to get the recipe form.
  2. Entry Fee: One NEW puzzle for cancer awareness service project.
  3. Contestants may only enter up to one division in each of the five categories.
  4. The dish must be prepared the night before and chilled in refrigerator.
  5. Dish must be transported to the contest on ice or in an ice chest. A microwave will be used at the contest to heat a portion of the dish for the judges to taste.

Dishes not chilled and transported on ice or in an ice chest will be disqualified.



  • Ground Beef Appetizer: (must contain a minimum of 1 lb. of ground beef – a small dish of food consumed before a meal to stimulate one’s appetite – examples include marinated meatballs, dips made with ground beef, etc.)
  • Ground Beef Main Dish: (Must contain a minimum of 1 lb. of ground beef – primary dish in a meal, can also be considered the entrée – examples include casseroles, lasagna, taco salad, etc.)


  • Chicken: (minimum of 2 pounds bone-in chicken or 1 pound deboned chicken must be used - may include chicken nuggets, chicken strips, canned chicken, etc.)

SEAFOOD: (entries may contain a small amount of another seafood but not more than ½ of the

Amount of the primary seafood)

  • Shrimp:(must contain a minimum of 1 lb. of shrimp – fresh, frozen, or canned)
  • Crawfish:(must contain a minimum of 1 lb. of crawfish – fresh or frozen)
  • Fish:(must contain a minimum of 1 cup/8 ounces of fish – fresh, frozen or canned)

EGG: (minimum of 4 eggs must be used – can be 4 whole, 4 whites, or 4 yolks, or

a combination…no raw eggs in final product.)

  • Appetizer/Salad
  • Dessert

WILD GAME: (Venison, Squirrel, Duck, Goose)

  • Must contain a minimum of 1 lb. of wild game meat.

Remember, Cooking Contests are much more than just cooking. They teach life skills like learning to read food labels, understanding food nutrition, providing balanced meals and ensuring that food remains safe and healthy.Youth could also practice practical measuring for cooking, portion distortion, food safety guidelines, daily recommended servings and physical education. The best thing of all is, while youth are learning, they will also be having a great big helping of FUN!

Recipe form for the upcoming Lincoln Parish 4-H Cookery Contest December 1, 2018 to be completed is attached.

For more information about the LSU AgCenter 4-H Youth Development Program call the 4-H Office at 318-251-5134.

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