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Dr. Saralene Seals served the Louisiana 4-H Program as the Nutrition Specialist and Nutrition Project Leader for 18 years. In those 18 years she had a tremendous impact on the Louisiana 4-H program. As a Nutrition Specialist, she is credited for creating or helping to create many contests such as: the Daily Menu Contest, the National Beef Ambassador Contest and the Seafood Cookery Contest. Through her efforts, Dr. Seals made a positive difference in schools through building of a salad bar in a school cafeteria. Her most notable contribution to the program is the development of the 4-H Food and Fitness Board as well as Food and Fitness Camp.

Dr. Seals received multiple awards and recognitions including the Achievement in Service Award and the Distinguished Service Award from the National and Louisiana Associations of Extension 4-H Agents. She received the Distinguished Service Award from Gamma Sigma Delta. At 4-H Short Course now called 4-H University, she received the 4-H Specialist of the Year.

People who have worked with Dr. Seals say that she is a visionary and an inspirational person. She has made a large impact on many people’s lives and careers.

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