2023 Annual Factory Operations Seminar

Stephania Imbachi Ordonez, Eggleston, Gillian

Factory Seminar Booklet.

During the factory operations seminar on April 19, 2023 researchers from the institute provided the factory staff with their latest research findings, which are helpful in the mills’ operations.

The topics covered during the seminar were the followings:

  • Update in the Identification and Mitigation of Oligo/Polysaccharides Causing Crystal Elongation in the early 2022 Louisiana GrindingSeason
  • 2022 Christmas Freeze – Factory Perspective
  • Optimal Use of Dextranase in Louisiana to Mitigate Severe Processing Problems After the Freezein Late 2022
  • Overview of the 2022 Molasses Survey Results
  • Near-Infrared Technology Implementation into the Louisiana Cane Payment System and FactoryQuality Control
  • Application Of Green Nanotechnology In The Sugarcane Industry
  • Real-Time Measurement Of Supersaturation In Louisiana Vacuum Pans
  • Evaluation of Technologies for Rapid Analysis of Moisture Content of Press Cane and Bagasse
5/19/2023 8:13:25 PM
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