Florida Parishes Dairy Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - April 20, 2023

April 20, 2023, 10:00 am, Mike’s Catfish

Dr Hutchison welcomed members and guests of the Florida Parishes Dairy Advisory Committee.

Everyone introduced themselves. Present were Daryl Robertson, Paul Alford, Henry Capdeboscq, Hubert Yarborough, Susie Sharkey, Darrell Sinagra, Troy Ingram, Mike McCormick, Fred Bass, Dr Charlie Hutchison, Dr Gary Hay, Bobby Bingham, Dawn Culbreath, and Melissa Ordoyne.

A copy of the 2022 Dairy Advisory meeting minutes and treasurer’s report was given to all attendees. A motion was made by Daryl Robertson and seconded by Paul Alford to accept the minutes of the last advisory meeting. The motion carried. Dr Hutchison reminded Mr. Darryl Robertson to please go to First Guaranty Bank and have his name added as a signer on the Florida Parishes Dairy Day Account as he is to take over as treasurer. After some discussion with Daryl Robertson, Daryl made a motion for Paul Alford to become the treasurer. The motion was seconded by Hubert Yarborough and approved. Mr. Alford was congratulated and reminded to go to FGB to get the bank statement changed to his mailing address. Dr. Hutchison went over the financial report and covered the main monetary sponsors listed in the report. It was noted with the help of Mrs. Susie Sharkey that the Dairy Board approved an increase to $3000 for their Dairy Day donation amount. A motion was made by Darryl Robertson and seconded by Hubert Yarborough to accept treasurer’s report. The motion carried.

Dr Hutchison discussed the Dairy Day Program for this year. Again, formal letters will be sent out to all sponsors for support, but Dr Hutchison requested all the dairy farmers to solicit companies they do business with for donations also. Several new companies in the area were added as suggestions from which to request donations. Dr Hutchison noted that there was a suggestion to change to baked beans instead of green beans and it was agreed to give baked beans a try. Dr Hutchison would investigate, requesting that Mr. Aubrey Posey prepare the baked beans. Dawn Culbreath, Tangipahoa Parish 4H Agent and other volunteers would lead the Dairy Judging Contest and Dairy Foods Contest. This year’s Dairy Day is set for Wednesday, June 7, 2023, at the LSU AgCenter Southeast Research Station located at 41217 Par Rd 139, Franklinton, LA (off Hwy 16). Awards and plaques will be given out for milk quality and production winners from the Florida Parishes. There will again be the Dairy Foods contest and Dairy Judging Contest. Winners from the 4-H Dairy poster contest will also be recognized. Hubert Yarborough moved Dairy Day continue as planned and Darryl Robertson 2nd. Motion was accepted to accept Dairy Day plans as stated above.

Dr. Hutchison also went over some updated AgSummary statistics on the dairy industry, prices, and production trends from Louisiana’s dairy reporting parishes. He discussed the data and calculations from DHH will have 22 dairies qualified for production awards. The dairy farms receiving awards are divided into Washington with 5 qualifying dairies, Tangipahoa with 13, and St Helena with 4 dairies qualifying for awards from our local dairies. Quality awards will be awarded with 7 from Kleinpeter, 13 from Lone Star, and 2 from organic producers. Due to very few herds still in the DHI program, Dr. Hutchison proposed that a High Cow plaque be given to the Holstein cow with the highest production from the Florida Parishes and that other breeds would receive a plaque if milk production were at least 20,000 lb. of 3.5% FCM. Motion was made by Troy Ingram, seconded by Hubert Yarborough, and approved to do the plaques in the above-mentioned manner.

Susie Sharkey had a request on how to better manage the ensuring that all dairy families would get a t-shirt from the dairy board, and it was agreed upon that the t-shirts could be given out at the dairymen’s registration and check in table to ensure they would be distributed fairly.

There will also be a plaque presented at Dairy Day posthumously to Mr. Donald for his continued years of support and dedication to dairy day.

Mike McCormick advised Kentwood Co-op will continue their support of Dairy Day wherever needed and could take over the grilling duties since the unfortunate passing of Mr. Donald, but it would have to done at the Co-op site since the grill is too fragile, and it would be cumbersome to move.

Educational topics were discussed for Dairy Day and who would cover them. There were suggestions that there could be someone to talk about flies, herbicides, also how the FDA’s new ruling on OTC drugs would limit what could be bought without prescription.

Darryl Robertson gave a brief report on FSA programming noting that payments will be slightly higher than last year. Brief discussion about planting field requirements for fertilizer funding. He also noted that there is still some funding available left from Covid, but that the amount available will not be determined until everyone has applied and then it will be divvied up.

There was an inquiry about what happened to the previous funds from the St Helena Dairy account, and it was agreed that it had been donated to the local Northshore technical college.

Fred Bass gave everyone a reminder to fight for what we have and encouraged everyone to write or visit your senate representative to let them know how you feel about the Senate Bill #32 and encourage them to not pass it. Mr. Bass encouraged everyone to speak up and let them know it is not in the best interest of Louisiana dairies to pass this bill.

There was brief discussion about Congressman Troy A. Carter, Sr., and other members of Congress’ letter to Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack calling for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to make soy milk available in schools.

Dr. Hutchison thanked everyone for all their support through the years.

Paul Alford motioned to adjourn the meeting seconded by Hubert Yarborough. Motion carried and we adjourned. Darryl Robertson said the blessing and lunch was served.

Minutes submitted by Melissa Ordoyne, LSU Agcenter Tangipahoa Parish Administrative Coordinator.

4/27/2023 6:50:30 PM
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