Audubon at the 2022 Sugar Industry Technologists Meeting in Orlando, FL

The Audubon Sugar Institute gave 2 oral presentations and 2 posters during the 2022 Sugar Industry Technologists Meeting in Orlando (Florida) this April.


Oral presentations:

  • Differences in Commercial FilterAids Used for Polarimetry Measurements ofCane Products Including Sugars. Presenters: Maria delCarmen Perez andStephaniaImbachi-Ordonez
  • Natural, Nutritious, andFunctional Unrefined Sweeteners fromSugarcane That Meet New Consumer
    Demands. Presenter: Dr. Gillian Eggleston

Poster Presentations:

  • Comparative Study of EvaporatorCleaning Practices at Louisiana Factories. Presenter:Stephania Imbachi-Ordonez
  • How the Composition and HealthBenefits of Sugarcane Vinegars Compare toOther Commercial Vinegars. Presenter: Dr. Gillian Eggleston
8/31/2022 8:10:02 PM
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