Delegation from Honduras Visiting Audubon


A total of eight people visited Audubon on August 25th, 2022: 6 delegates (see below) and Dr. Hector Zapata and Rocio Lopez from International Programs at LSU.

Members of the Delegation

  • Dr. Marlon Brevé, Rector of UNITEC
  • Dr. Wilmer Reyes, Rector of Universidad Nacional de Agricultura (UNAG)
  • Mr. Sergio Coello, Vice Minister of the Interior
  • Mr. Nelson Castellanos, President of the Association of Mayors of Honduras (AMHON)
  • Mr. Pablo Leiva, Secretary General of AMHON
  • Dr. Francisco Herrera, Rector of Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (UNAH)

The goal of the visit to ASI was to learn about our mission, research/extension/ education, the sugar industry in Louisiana/USA (factory production/yields), and strengthening Honduran partnership collaboration with the LSU AgCenter and the College of Agriculture on the following topics:

  1. Food security and food nutrition
  2. Added-value agricultural waste, including minimizing field losses and renewable energy generation
  3. Incubation of agribusiness startups (especially in food technology, processing, and industry)
  4. Innovation throughout the food production chain
  5. Rural public health
8/30/2022 7:29:11 PM
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