ANR Onboarding Guide - Summer 2022

Tara Smith, Shields, Sara Rogers

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Section 1: Understanding Our Organization

This section of the LSU AgCenter Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) Agent Onboarding Guide covers a brief history of the land grant mission and structure along with the history of cooperative extension to assist new ANR agents in understanding their role within the system. An overview of the LSU AgCenter, comprising the mission, organizational charts, administrative structure, and overview of programs and departments, is also included in this section.

Section 2: Orientations and Checklists for First Two Years

This section of the ANR Onboarding Guide covers Monthly New Employee Orientation (led by HRM), New Agent Orientation (led by parish chair [PC] or regional director), and Checklists for Your First Two Years of employment with the LSU AgCenter.

Section 3: ANR Mentoring Program and Evaluation Process

This section of the ANR Onboarding Guide covers how newly hired agents are required to participate in the mentoring process where the new agent will be oriented to basic job responsibilities, skills and knowledge necessary to work with youth audiences, adults, families, Healthy Communities, volunteers and community leaders by one or more peer mentors.

Section 4: Quarterly Reviews

This section of the ANR Onboarding Guide covers how quarterly reviews provide professional responses concerning the agent’s performance and is conducted by the parish chair and regional director, including input from the state program director.

Section 5: Advisory Process and Expectations

This section of the ANR Onboarding Guide covers how as a new extension agent, an advisory committee will be an important asset to your extension program. Advisory committees allow stakeholders to communicate their needs and share their expertise, thus providing a link between extension programs and the public. The LSU AgCenter’s mission is to serve the needs of the public through research-based information and ultimately change lives.

Section 6: Programmatic Specifics for ANR Agents

This section of the ANR Onboarding Guide covers how stakeholder meetings and other events are important to the LSU AgCenter. ANR agents plan, host and conduct these types of meetings.

Section 7: Resource Documents

See ANR Onboarding Guide PDF for more information.

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