2022 Northeast Research Station Rice and Soybean Tour

Episode 5 - Row Spacing

In episode 5, Denis Burns discusses 15 inch row spacing in Furrow Irrigated Rice.

Episode 4 - Seeding Rate

In episode 4, Bruce Garner looks at the Furrow Irrigated Rice seeding rate trial.

Episode 3 - Cover Crop

In episode 3, Denise Burns discusses the use of cover crops in planting furrow irrigated rice.

Episode 2 - NDVI

In episode 2, R.L. Frazier discusses the use of nitrogen rich strips to make decisions about nitrogen applications in furrow irrigated rice.

Episode 1 - Introduction

Welcome to the 2022 Northeast Research Station Rice and Soybean Field Tour. We would like to invite you to follow along with us over the next few months as we visit our Furrow Irrigated Rice plots and soybean plots to view projects and research efforts at the Northeast Research Station.

8/17/2022 7:41:53 PM
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