Advisory Meeting: Town Council of Rosepine, LA

Monday, March 14, 2022. 6 PM
Town Council Meeting Chamber
18846 J.B. Hall Memorial Hwy.
Rosepine , LA ,70659 US

331_fig_1_Rosepine_signjpgIntroduction: Advisory Meetings with stakeholders in the past have produced mixed results with respect to attendance. Finding an optimal date and time has been a difficult endeavor. The purpose of this advisory meeting is to meet with Rosepine Council members at their convenience to consult with them. Another purpose for consulting with the Council Member is to be good neighbors even though the Rosepine community is in Vernon Parish.

  1. Mayor Donna DuVall, all five Council Members, and three City staff were in attendance.
  2. Keith Hawkins asked for this meeting with two objectives:
    • To consult with Council Members as advisory stakeholders, and
    • To convey the relevance of the AgCenter to the Jurors after the moving to Rosepine Research Station (RRS).
  3. After Hawkins conveyed those objectives, he asked the Jurors about what programming they and their constituents would want from the AgCenter.
    • Mr. Leonard Johnson, Council Member, wanted to be added to the list of prescribed burn contractors.
    • Mayor DuVall wanted information to have City employees become pesticide applicators on behalf of the City.
    • There was interest in treating town ants within the City.
  4. The Council then resumed its agenda, and Hawkins departed.
4/4/2022 8:47:27 PM
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