Advisory Meeting: City of DeRidder Council Members

Monday, February 14, 2022. 5:30 PM
City of DeRidder Council Chamber
200 S Jefferson Street, DeRidder, LA 70634


Introduction: Advisory Meetings with Beauregard stakeholders in the past have produced mixed results with respect to attendance. Finding an optimal date and time has been a difficult endeavor. The purpose of this advisory meeting is to meet with City Council Member of DeRidder at their convenience to consult with them.

  1. All seven Council Members, Mayor Misty Clanton and three city staff members were in attendance. Hawkins was allowed five minutes to make a presentation.
  2. Keith Hawkins asked for this meeting with two objectives:
    1. To consult with Council Members as advisory stakeholders, and
    2. To convey the relevance of the AgCenter to the Members after the moving to Rosepine Research Station (RRS).
  3. After Hawkins conveyed those objectives, he asked the Members about what programming they and their constituents would want from the AgCenter.
  4. Mr. Keith Hooper, D-5 Member, asked about how to remove honey bee infestations, and Hawkins advised that the AgCenter helps with referrals to beekeepers for removing bees humanely.
  5. Ms. Kimaron Haynes Moore, D-1, asked if the AgCenter can help with community gardens. After the Council meeting, Hawkins provided his phone number and email address to Ms. Moore.
  6. Mr. John Marcello, D-3, asked about programs and services. Hawkins apprised the Council about how other agents can provide services to the Parish. Specifically, Hawkins advised the Council that his program is primarily horticultural and includes Master Gardeners and beekeeping.
  7. Hawkins stayed for the entire meeting to observe the City’s conduct of public business.
3/3/2022 9:35:43 PM
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