Advisory Meeting: Beauregard Parish Police Jurors

Tuesday, February 1, 2022. 5 PM
BPPJ Meeting Chamber
201 W 2nd St, DeRidder, LA 70634


Introduction: Advisory Meetings with Beauregard stakeholders in the past have produced mixed results with respect to attendance. Finding an optimal date and time has been a difficult endeavor. The purpose of this advisory meeting is to meet with Beauregard Parish Police Jurors at their convenience to consult with them.

  1. All ten Jurors and three Parish staff members were in attendance.
  2. Keith Hawkins asked for this meeting with two objectives:
    1. To consult with Jurors as advisory stakeholders, and
    2. To convey the relevance of the AgCenter to the Jurors after the moving to Rosepine Research Station (RRS).
  3. After Hawkins conveyed those objectives, he asked the Jurors about what programming they and their constituents would want from the AgCenter.
    • Ms. Kelly Bailey, Parish President, asked how the AgCenter is doing at RRS.
    • Hawkins apprised the Jurors about the meetings occurring at RRS including MG classes, beekeeper meetings, the upcoming Forestry Forum and pesticide recertification.
    • Mr. Bryan McReynolds, Parish Administrator, conveyed his interest in bringing the AgCenter back to DeRidder to serve the Parish more efficiently, and he offered the Juror’s Meeting Chamber for events.
    • Mr. Eddie Ware asked for recommendations for treating leaf cutting ants and asked for a soil test kit. Hawkins provided a kit after adjournment.
  4. Meeting adjourned at approximately 5:30 PM.
2/7/2022 5:07:49 PM
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