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Plans for a Langstroth beehive. Image: LSU AgCenter.

127_fig_one_beginning_with_beesjpg"Beginning with Bees" is a downloadable publication from the LSU AgCenter.

Leigh Ann is an aspiring beekeeper and sent this email, “It was suggested that I request your beginning beekeeping notes. We are getting our first bees in late March. We have four Langstroth hives already to go. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.”

The AgCenter has a publication, “Beginning with Bees”(BWB), and a new beekeeper can find BWB and download it by searching for “AgCenter + Beginning with Bees”. When AHA used these search words, the first link went to a page of the AgCenter’s online bookstore where a nice, printed copy is available for $1. However, the second link went to a page where BWB is downloadable.

The AgCenter has a couple of webpages to support beekeeping. If a beekeeper searches online for “Dean Lee + beekeeping”, the first of the search results will have a link to “Backyard Beekeeping” at the Dean Lee Research Station. This link has “Beehive Buzz” blogs as well as other bee-related links at the bottom of this webpage.

The other beekeeping webpage of the AgCenter is available if a beekeeper searched for “AgCenter + Bees and Wasps”. The link offers information about beekeeping and a referral page to people looking for bee removal services. There is also information about the buzzing, stinging relatives of honey bees.

AHA also recommends that any new or aspiring beekeepers visit with a local beekeeping club to attend educational programs. Most of these clubs are informational in nature and provide support to their members. The best way to find a local bee club is to visit and look under “Join LBA” where a drop-down menu will supply information about the 18 known, active bee clubs in Louisiana. This list provides contact information to reach out to the nearest club.

Please send your beekeeping questions and pictures to Keith Hawkins, Area Horticulture Agent (AHA), 337.2845188 or . Also, you can be on the “beemail” email list by emailing your request to the address above.

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