​2021 LSU AgCenter Seedless Watermelon Trial Results

Kathryn Fontenot, Sexton, Mary, Gravois, Rebecca

Authors: Kathryn Fontenot, Mary Sexton, Kaylee Deynzer, Rebecca Gravois

  • Six seedless watermelon varieties were planted in the spring of 2021. The varieties included Sweet Dawn, Traveler, Crunchy Red, Joyride, Road Trip, and Millionaire. Seeds were sourced from Rupp and Harris Seed Companies.
  • Seeds were chosen because they were seedless, and all reported to be between 15-22 lbs. which is a nice sized melon for a seedless variety. Also, this is an ideal sized watermelon for a small family.
  • Seeds were planted on March 24, 2021, into 50 count plug trays and transplanted into the field on April 20, 2021.
  • The trial was planted in 2 locations: LSU AgCenter Botanic Gardens in Baton Rouge, La and Buddy Millers Farm in Waterproof, Louisiana.
  • Due to substantial rainfall (>75 inches) we were unable to obtain accurate yield data because many plants were lost to root rot from abnormally wet fields. The north Louisiana location was lost entirely because of abnormal rainfall.
  • All melons were planted on white plastic mulch with 600lbs 13-13-13 preplant fertilizer/ acre. The field was fertigated alternating with KNO3 and CaNO3 weekly for 5 weeks.
  • This trial will be repeated in 2022.
  • We were able to obtain some data on average weight, length, width, BRIX, Rind sharpness, Interior color and texture for the melons harvested in Baton Rouge.
  • Melons were harvested on 4 dates July 6, July 15, July 26, and July 30, 2021.
  • Millionaire was the control melon since it has performed well in past LSU AgCenter Trials.
VarietyAvg. Weight (lbs.)Avg. Length (in.)Avg. Width (in.)
Rind Sharpness
Interior Color
(1-10) 1 soft 10 very crisp
Crunchy Red BleedPink8.1
Joy Ride12. Pink5.8
Millionaire8.68.37.310.8Slight BleedPink7.5
Road Trip11.910.47.811.0Slight BleedDark Pink/Red6.6
Sweet Dawn10. Pink/Red7.5
Traveler BleedDark Pink/Red8.0

Avg. Weight, width, and length were collected on all harvested melons. Five melons per plot were rated for BRIX, Rind, Interior Color and Texture.

Not Enough Data to Make Conclusive Recommendations. Spring 2021 Weather was a Tremendous Challenge.

roadtrip interiorJPG

Road Trip

joyride interiorJPG

Joy Ride

crunchy red interiorJPG

Crunchy Red


Road Trip


Joy Ride



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