Roots, Shoots, Fruits & Flowers: A Master Gardener Class in 2022


Master Gardeners at its 2019 Garden Forum.
Photo: Jimmy Earl Cooley, Master Gardener.


Anna Timmerman, Horticulture Agent, discussing garden insects as part of the Home Garden Certificate Course.
Photo: LSU AgCenter.


L to R: Dr. Joe Willis, Anna Timmerman & Chris Dunaway, instructors for Backyard Citrus Class.
Photo: LSU AgCenter.

After Christmas each year, aspiring gardeners think about gardening and may have a new year resolution to learn about gardening. If gardening is on your resolution list, then consider a couple of options.

On Thursday, January 6, 2022, 1 PM, at Rosepine Research Station, 176 Research Road, Rosepine, LA, The Master Gardeners of Beauregard Parish will start new Master Gardener in-person classes, and the first class is a free orientation and will cover the details of this class. To pre-register, send your request by email to . The cost is $160.

Master Gardeners are AgCenter Volunteers who receive horticultural training in weeds, insects, plant diseases, turf, vegetables, ornamentals, and other related topics. Classes will be on Thursdays from 1 pm until 4 pm and will end in April.

If you are only interested in gardening without volunteering as a Master Gardener, there is an AgCenter online gardening course developed during the pandemic lockdown of 2020, and it’s listed as the “Home Garden Certificate Course”. If a gardener is interested, a search for “AgCenter + home garden certificate course” will provide the correct link to this online education. It is a free service, and accessible at any time.

There is a similar online training for composting. Again, a search for “AgCenter + home composting class” will enable a gardener to access this convenient class.

Finally, there is an online class for backyard citrus. Like the home gardening and composting classes listed above, a homeowner or gardener can look for “AgCenter + backyard citrus class” on a search engine to reach this training. Again, all these courses are free and accessible at any time and to anyone.

If you want to contact Roots, Shoots, Fruits and Flowers, please send your questions and pictures to Keith Hawkins, Area Horticulture Agent (AHA), 318-264-2448 or Also, please share the name of your parish.

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