October 2020

Calendar of Events:


  • 4-10– National 4-H Week
  • 7-18– Paper Clover Fundraiser @ Tractor Supply
  • 13- Decorated Pumpkin Contest and Pet Parade
  • 15- Home & Style Virtual Meeting
  • 26- Sweet Potato & Pecan Order Deadline
  • 26- Egg Cookery Contest Deadline


  • 2– Possession/ Validation Deadline for sheep, goats, beef, dairy, & poultry
  • 17 & 18- Sweet Potato & Pecan Fundraiser Pick Ups @ Office
  • 23- Poultry Cookery Contest Deadline


  • 4- Possession/Validation Deadline for swine and rabbits
  • 4- Livestock Entry Deadline
  • 14- Sugar Cookery Contest Deadline

Clovers Come Through!

This has been a very challenging year. We hope to offer as many opportunities to all 4-H members as we normally do! Those opportunities may look slightly different at times, but they will be safe, educational, and fun! Whether virtually or in-person, we know our Clovers will Come Through by using their Heads, Hands, and Hearts to “Make the Best, Better!” 4-H is getting kicked off this month! School club leaders are going to be disseminating 4-H enrollment forms and information to interested members at school. If you are virtual at a school with a 4-H club, you should be able to join through your school’s club leader. Our intention is for each school leader to have a 4-H Google Classroom where ALL 4-H members at that school (In-person/virtual) will be able to access monthly information, updates, and lessons. If your school has not already given out 4-H information, contact the 4-H office for information to find out who is the club leader at your school and if your school has a 4-H program! If your school doesn’t have a school club, you can join 4-H as a Member at Large. We hope to offer a virtual parish monthly meeting for members who can’t attend a school club meeting to be able to log in and participate in a monthly meeting with Mrs. Camille and Mrs. Stephanie. Fill out an enrollment card TODAY to begin your 4-H adventure! More information on Ascension 4-H can be found at lsuagcenter.com/ascension4hClovers Come thru yellow and greenpng

Ascension 4-H Website Updates

Visit www.lsuagcenter.com/ascension4h to check out our website facelift! We will continue to post updates on the website and on Facebook!

Clover Updates- Virtual Parish Meetings

We realize some schools may not be able to offer monthly 4-H meetings due to COVID guidelines and restrictions. We will begin offering a monthly virtual Clover Update. October’s update will take place at 6 p.m. on the 22nd. This will be an opportunity for 4-H members to tune in to a monthly 4-H meeting with the 4-H agents, Mrs. Camille and Mrs. Stephanie, to get updates, talk about upcoming Ascension 4-H opportunities, and participate in the monthly 4-H Science Lab activity that will be presented at school club 4-H meetings. For October, there are no supplies needed to attend. You can access the virtual Clover Update through the info below or through the link posted on lsuagcenter.com/ascension4h and social media. Read further for next month’s educational activity & supplies to be prepared for November’s Clover Update.

Join here on a computer or phone: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Or by calling: +1 225-614-2374 United States, Baton Rouge (Toll)

Conference ID: 962 328 264#

Congratulations to our 2020 4-H Senior Scholarship Recipients

All active graduating seniors were awarded with $100.00 scholarship from the Ascension 4-H Foundation. In addition, there were 3 4-H senior members who submitted applications for a 4-H scholarship. Congratulations to the following for being awarded scholarships for your active participation in a project area based off a submitted application.

Torie Laiche- $250 Scott Tractor Scholarship; $600 Ascension 4-H Foundation Scholarship
Stacey Kloosterman- $250 Scott Tractor Scholarship; $1,200 Ascension 4-H Foundation Scholarship; $300 Mark H. Bonner Memorial State 4-H Scholarship
Caitlin Marquis- $1,200 Ascension 4-H Foundation Scholarship; $100 Ascension State 4-H Foundation Scholarship; $1,000 Gloria B. Perkins State 4H Scholarship

National 4-H Week

National 4-H Week will take place October 4-11. Join in the fun by helping to spread 4-H awareness and encouraging your friends to join! The Theme for Louisiana 4-H is Clovers Come Through. Through 4-H, clovers (members) come through by helping their communities and neighbors, being good friends, stepping up to leadership opportunities, and doing the right thing! We challenge each Ascension Clover to come through by participating in 1-2 hours of service during 4-H week. Please share service stories with us- email a brief description and pictures to cbrady@agcenter.lsu.edu. Check social media for daily trivia, videos, stories, and challenges throughout the week. The daily themes will be:

Monday- Make an Impact Monday
Tuesday- Green Team Tuesday
Wednesday- Willing to Serve Wednesday
Thursday- Throwback Thursday
Friday- Family Friendly Friday

Summer 2020 Events and Participation

Although COVID-19 was a speed bump for all summer activities, there were some amazing 4-H members who were still very active in the 4-H program through virtual contests and events. CONGRATULATIONS to the following winners and participants in the various programs and contests that took place during the summer of 2020:

Virtual Photography Contest Winners

Insect Category- Evan Williams

Flowers Category- Amanda Irizarry

Fruits & Veggies Category- Anthony Comeaux

Garden Contest Winners

1st Place: Hudson Clements

2nd Place: Mallory Miller

3rd Place: Anthony Comeaux

4-H Virtual Summer Camp Participants

Ascension had 25 virtual summer camp participants. They were Olivia Landry, John Owen Hoover, Griffin Schaff, John Patrick Flanagan, Claire Flanagan, Jenna Kling, Jorja Kling, Christopher Frank, Lyla Inman, Cora Inman, Hailey Pourciau, Matthew Pourciau, Kayden Bourgeois, Nick Becnel, Amelia Schatzle, Euric Ambeau, Tristan Radgowski, Ian Surla, Katelyn Frank, Becca Cernich, Stacey Kloosterman, Amanda Irizarry, Callie Mudge, Cecile Braud, and Phillip Constantin.

4-H University Participants

Kylie Cliburn- 4-H Has Talent- 4thPlace
Hannah Godchaux- Career Preparation Interview
Anthony Comeaux- Consumer Decision Making- Blue Ribbon
Karlie Lobell- Consumer Decision Making – 3rd Place
Becca Cernich- Consumer Food Judging
Caitlin Marquis- Dog and Cat Science
Stacey Kloosterman- Fashion: It's Sew YOU- Blue Ribbon
Jenna Cernich- Fashion: Upscaled Fashion: A Recycling Project- Blue Ribbon
Joey Zeringue-
Fishing Sports- 5th Place
Sierra Ellis-
Horse Judging- Cancelled COVID-19
Chelsea Carter-
Horse Judging- Cancelled COVID- 19
Briette Ruiz-
Horse Judging- Cancelled COVID- 19
Elizabeth Robertson-
Horse Judging- Cancelled COVID- 19
Ava Surla-
Louisiana Chef Demonstration
Rachel Stewart-
Photography- 5th Place
Gabby- Bouquet-
Photography- Blue Ribbon
Kinslei Scroggs-
Public Speaking
Katie Frank-
Public Speaking- 3rd Place

State Board Members

Congratulations to the following for being selected to serve on a State 4-H Leadership Board: Kinslei Scroggs- State Executive Board, Sean Turner- Wetlands Ambassador Team, Karlie Lobell and Katie Frank- Citizenship Board!

Sweet Potato & Pecan Fundraiser

Just in time for the holidays, fresh, locally grown Sweet Potatoes and Peeled Pecan Halves are on pre-sale now! This fundraiser benefits the Ascension 4-H Foundation and provides money for programs, awards, workshops, scholarships, and activities. Orders and money are due to your club leader or the 4-H Office by October 26th! Contact your school’s club leader for an order form or print one from lsuagcenter.com/ascension4h. The ordered sweet potatoes and pecans will be available for pick up at the 4-H Office on Nov. 17th & 18th. Orders not picked up on these dates will be resold!

Shooting Sports New Member Registration

Due to some of the restrictions that were still in place when school started, we delayed the start of our Shooting Sports program for our past members. We are getting our past members kicked off and we will hold off on our New Member Registration soon! Check the Clover Column in November for more information!

Home & Style Project Club

The Home & Style Club will include cooking and sewing this year! *NEW* Each month a cooking project will completed in coordination with the cookery contests. The club is open to all Ascension 4-H’ers, meets monthly (virtual meetings to get started), and it’s $10.00 to join to help pay for supplies used for project materials. The first meeting will be held virtually on Thursday, October 15 at 6pm. A link to join the virtual meeting will be emailed to all registered participants prior to the meeting.

An activity project guide and supplies for the first half of the year will be put together in a packet that can be picked up at the office the week of the first meeting. Please call ahead before dropping by the office to be sure someone is there.You can register for the Home & Style project club online at https://rebrand.ly/ap4hH-S.

Livestock News

It is the intention of the LSU AgCenter to conduct livestock shows as originally planned but Given the health concerns with COVID-19 there is no guarantee that the LSU AgCenter Livestock Shows will occur as advertised. With that in mind all livestock show participants and families should note that purchase and/or validation of animals is at their own risk and financial investment. If you are planning to participate in the LSU AgCenter Livestock Shows and have not contacted the Ascension

Parish Office to let them know your intentions of showing, please do so ASAP as important forms and information will be sent out to livestock exhibitors very soon.

Important Livestock Dates:

  • October 15th- Deadline to contact office to express intent to show
  • November 6th- Possession deadline and market/commercial validations due for beef, dairy, sheep, exhibition poultry & goat
  • December 4th- Possession Deadline and market/commercial validations due for swine
  • December 4th- Entry Forms and Fees due for rabbits, poultry, sheep, swine, goats, beef, & dairy

Wiggles & Wags Project Club

Wiggles & Wags is a project club that focuses on everything DOG! It helps members learn more about caring for, training, and working with their beloved canines all while doing service and growing in leadership. The Wiggles & Wags project club is open to all Ascension 4-H members and meets monthly. Initially, meetings will be held virtually, but may transition to in-person meetings as the year progresses. A link to join the 1st virtual meeting in November will be emailed to all registered participants before the meeting. You can register for Wiggles & Wags at https://rebrand.ly/ap4hW-W.

Jr. Leader Project Club- 7th& 8th Grades

The Ascension 4-H Jr. Leader Project Club is open to all 7th-12th grade Ascension 4-H members. Jr. Leader’s focus on leadership, citizenship, and teamwork. The 2020-21 Jr. Leader educational focus will be Teens Making Good Choices. Each month we will explore different ways to use our Heads to make good, Healthy choices through hands-on activities. In addition, the service-learning theme will be the Care Campaign. Each month we will focus on an activity to spread kindness and show those around us that we care! In October, we will start the project focusing on the local nursing homes and assisted living facilities as the members of these places may feel isolated and in need with the current pandemic. If you would like to assist in this project in any way or have contacts to our local homes, please contact us! Cost to join the Jr. Leader Club is $10.00. The first Jr. Leader meeting of the year will be held virtually on October 19th. To get the meeting information, please sign up for Jr. Leaders at https://rebrand.ly/ap4hJL.

Tractor Supply Paper Clover Campaign

Fall Paper Clover in all Tractor Supply Co stores & online with a purchase from 10/7/2020 - 10/18/2020. 4-H members are unable to assist in stores this year due to COVID, but please don’t forget to donate at checkout! Money raised from paper clover sales goes directly to our program to assist with camp scholarships and programming.


Although we have had to make some major changes to our cookery contest this year, we are excited to incorporate some new components!! Due to COVID restrictions we will not be taste testing your dishes, but don’t worry your hard work will still shine in several different ways! For each of your monthly contest entries you will need to take pictures before (ingredients), during (action shots), and after you have completed your dish. You will need to submit your recipe and a short summary about the experience of cooking your dish. From there your entries will be judged and the top 3 in each age category will be contacted for a short interview. The first monthly contest will be the egg cookery. More detailed guidelines and explanations will be available soon on our website at www.lsuagcenter.com/ascension4-H!

Decorated Pumpkin Contest and Pet Parade

Not having a decorated pumpkin contest at school this year? No problem! You MUST pre-register your decorated pumpkins by downloading, completing the form at lsuagcenter.com/ascension4h, and sending it to mlaiche@agcenter.lsu.edu by Friday, October 9th. Details for drop off will be emailed to the address provided on the sign-up form. Pumpkins can be dropped off the morning of Tuesday, October 13th for judging. Pumpkins should be picked up that afternoon 4:00 pm-5:00pm. All remaining pumpkins will be kept for 1 day, then discarded. In place of the Pet Show, we will have a PET PARADE starting at 5:15 pm! Bring your pets to parade around barns 7 & 8 from your cars! Dress in costume and make posters! We will take pics for social media as you pass by! Please check social media the day of the event for the specific parade route details!!!

Educational Activity and Supplies

This year the Agents will be presenting 4-H Science Lab lessons as the club meeting educational focus. In order for those virtual students who may not be able to attend their school club meetings and members at large to be able to participate in these monthly lessons, we will include the supplies and information about the activity in the newsletter for 4-H members to be able to participate at home. Each month, the Agents will conduct a monthly virtual update for you to attend. We will conduct the lesson during this virtual meeting. You will have the opportunity to watch the demonstration, then complete the activity at home!

November’s Science Lab Activity: Cleaning Pennies

Supplies Needed: Plastic Cup, paper towels, vinegar, salt, dirty (oxidized) pennies, & plastic spoon or fork, timer/stopwatch

4-H Remind Updates

Stay connected with Ascension 4-H by joining the Ascension 4-H Remind by Texting “asp4h” to 81010 or join online at https://www.remind.com/join/ascp4h.Remind code ascp4hpng
10/6/2020 6:47:45 PM
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