2020-2021 LEAFCS Officers and Committee Assignments

Executive Board:

  • President Shannan Chevallier R1
  • President-Elect Tiffany Williams R2
  • VP-Prof Dev. Keisha Fletcher R2
  • VP-Aw/Recog. Marianna Langston R1
  • VP-Mem. Res. Katie Guedry R1
  • VP-Pub. Aff. Bertina McGhee R2
  • Secretary Jessica Randazzo R2
  • Treasurer Cathy Agan R1
  • Parlia. Karen Jones R2
  • Reg. Dir. Markaye Russell R1
  • Sandra May R2
  • Alt. Reg. Dir. Elizabeth Martin R1
  • Mandy Armentor R2
  • Historian Shatonia McCarty R2

Standing Committees:

  • (2-year terms based on the rotation given in By-Laws)

Finance – May 2019-May 2021 (R1)

  • Chair Cathy Agan Abigail McAlister
  • Grace Peterson Mandy Armentor

Public Affairs –May 2019-May 2021

  • Chair Bertina McGhee Shatonia McCarty
  • Wennie Xu Valerie Vincent

Member Resources –May 2020-May 2022 (R2)

  • Chair Katie Guedry Cathy Agan
  • Jessica Randazzo Elizabeth Martin

Awards and Recognition –May 2019-May 2021

  • Chair Marianna Langston Bertina McGhee
  • Markaye Russell Elizabeth Gambel

Prof. Development –May 2020-May 2022

  • Chair Keisha Fletcher Quincy Vidrine
  • Karen Jones Elizabeth Gambel

Special Committees:

  • (1-year term lasting from May 2020 to May 2021)


  • Chair Tiffany Williams Becky Gautreaux
  • Matt Greene Marianna Langston


  • Chair Tiffany Williams Markaye Russell
  • Elizabeth Gollub Sandra May


  • Chair Quincy Vidrine Jessica Randazzo
  • Grace Peterson Elizabeth Gollub


  • Chair Mandy Armentor Becky Gautreax
  • Shatonia McCarty Markaye Russell

Convention Program—2021 (R2)

  • Chair Mandy Armentor Keisha Fletcher

Convention Arrangements—2021 (R2)

  • Chair To Be Determined

Convention Registration – 2021 (R2)

  • Chair To Be Determined

Convention Sponsorship – 2021 (R2)

  • Chair To Be Determined

Special Awards

  • Chair Karen Jones Katie Guedry
  • Sandra May Matt Greene

Marketing Committee

  • Chair Katie Guedry Valerie Vincent
  • Cynthia Upton Grace Peterson

Ways & Means

  • Chair Abigail McAlister/Becky Gautreaux (interim)
  • Cathy Judd Wennie Xu
  • Elizabeth Martin Layne Langley
  • Cynthia Stephens Cynthia Upton

Minutes Review - (People attending board and association meetings)

  • Karen Jones Tiffany Williams
  • Elizabeth Martin Shatonia McCarty

Scholarship Committee

  • Chair Keisha Fletcher Sandra May
  • Jessica Randazzo Cynthia Stephens

Member Recognition

  • Chair Cathy Judd Joy Sims
  • Marianna Langston Abigail McAlister


  • Chair Mandy Armentor Layne Langley
  • Cathy Agan Joy Sims

Faculty Council

  • Chair Bertina McGhee Markaye Russell Dr. Louise Wicker Karen Jones

AD HOC Committees:

  • Former President’s Council
  • Terri Crawford *
  • Sharman Charles
  • Mandy Armentor
  • Carolyn Robinson
  • Robin Landry *
  • Shatonia McCarty
  • * Retired Members
8/26/2020 2:15:48 PM
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