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The LSU AgCenter has a system of seventeen research stations across Louisiana to support the state’s agricultural producers. Some examples of the commodities for which research occurs include aquaculture, row crops, beef cattle, row crops, etc. However, only one research station, the Dean Lee Research Station, south of Alexandria, has information supporting beekeepers at the LSU AgCenter Beekeeping page

There are several steps to find this website. First, go to LSU AgCenter Website . The next step is to search for “backyard beekeeping” at the top of the AgCenter’s webpage, and then hit “enter” on your keyboard.


The next image to see on your computer screen will look like this image:


After clicking on “backyard beekeeping”, the target of this search will appear:


Under “Articles”, please note the first item, “Honeybee Removal and Swarm” where homeowners and businesses can find a beekeeper to remove unwanted honeybee colonies. If a beekeeper wants to be on this list, there are instructions on how to be on this list.

Other parts of this page include:

  • Articles: New releases for beekeepers.
  • Videos: Instructive videos by the AgCenter.
  • Publications: Official LSU AgCenter publications about honeybees and their management.
  • “Beehive Buzz” Blog: Regular postings about the questions that beekeepers have.
  • Other Resources: Links to various beekeeping groups and agencies.

Feel free to browse these links at “Backyard Beekeeping”. If you have an idea for another item to add to this apiary page, feel free to share your idea by using the email address or phone number below.

If you want to contact Beehive Buzz, please send your questions and pictures to Keith Hawkins, Area Horticulture Agent (AHA), 337-463-7006 or Also, you can be on the “beemail” email list by emailing your request to the address above.

“This work has been supported, in part, by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Renewable Resources Extension Act Award, Accession Number 1011417.”

8/24/2020 3:11:14 PM
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