Fun and Fit Alphabet

Healthy Living can be done in a variety of ways! Pick out and try at least 3 of the suggested activities or foods from the “Fun and Fit Alphabet.” If you want to bring more creativity to this activity, you can make up your own Healthy Living Alphabet and come up with different healthy foods and activities that interest you.

Alphabet Healthy Living Tips

A - Art Break

B - Bike Ride

C - Cheese Chips

D - Dairy

E - Exercise

F - Fruits

G - Gardening

H - Hand Washing

I - Indoor Volleyball

J - Jumping Jacks

K - Kayaking

L - Lunges

M - Meditation, Mindfulness, and Mental Health

N - Nuts

O - Outlets

P - Pushups

Q - Quick Feet

R - Run

S - Smoothie

T - Tomato

U - Upright Rows

V - Vegetables

W - Walking

X - X-Abs

Y - Yoga

Z - Zydeco


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