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Baking: cooking food (breads, cakes, pies, cookies, etc.) using dry-heat cooking

Baste: brush or pour liquid over food as it cooks

Beat: make a mixture smooth using a brisk over-and-over motion with a spoon, wire whisk, or an electric or hand mixer

Blanch: cook quickly, but not completely in boiling liquid

Boil: heating liquid to the point that bubbles constantly rise to the surface and break

Braise: browning food in a small amount of fat followed by a long, slow moist-heat cooking method

Broil: to cook with direct heat from above using the broiler in an oven

Brown: cook briefly until the surface browns

Chop: cut food into small, irregular pieces using up-and-down motions

Cream: soften fat with a spoon or mixer often while mixing with another food to make the mixture soft, smooth, and creamy

Cube: cut food into small ½-inch square pieces

Cut In: distribute solid fat in small pieces evenly through dry ingredients, using a cutting motion with two knives, a fork, or a pastry blender

Deep-fry: cooking fat by completely covering it in a large amount of fat

Dice: cut into small, square pieces which are ¼-inch or smaller per side

Drain: pour off liquid from a food or place food in a strainer or colander to remove liquid from solids

Fold In: blend delicate ingredients gently using one motion to cut straight down through the mixture and another to turn the mixture up and over. Rotate the bowl one-quarter and repeat until the whole mixture is lightly blended.

Fry: cooking food in small or large amounts of fat

Garnish: decorate food or dish

Julienne: cut into match-like strips

Knead: Work dough with the hands by folding, pressing, and turning it

Marinate: let food stand in marinade for a period of time to tenderize it and develop flavor

Mince: cut into very fine pieces using an up-and-down motion

Mix: combine ingredients to evenly distribute them

Pan-fry: frying with a small amount of fat

Peel: strip off the outside skin or peel

Preheat: heat an appliance before you put food in it

Reduce: simmer or boil liquid until it is less than its original volume

Roasting: cooking food (fish, meat, poultry, vegetables) using dry-heat cooking

Sauté: pan-frying foods to precook them before they are used in a recipe

Sear: brown meat’s surface quickly with high heat

Season: add ingredients for more flavor

Simmer: heating liquid to the point that bubbles slowly form and break before they reach the surface

Steam: cooking food in steam

Stir: mix ingredients with a spoon using a circular motion to combine ingredients or to distribute heat evenly

Stir-fry: frying foods using a small amount of oil at a high temperature followed by steaming

Toast: brown food with direct heat or in the oven

Whip: beat rapidly with a beater, mixer, or wire whisk to incorporate air and add volume

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