Get Creative: Super Hero Selfie

Using your definition of art above, create a self-portrait with a cartoon. Think about your favorite super heroes. Why do you like them? What are their super powers? Why do you relate to them? How do they represent you? What would you want as your super power? How would you use it? Develop a list of five to 10 super powers that you would want to have and how to use them. Use this list when creating your superhero self-portrait.

Materials needed: Drawing paper, pencils, thin permanent marker, and colored pencil.

Using a sheet of paper, plan your superhero costume by writing down your ideas. Be sure to think about the form and function of the costume. Does the suit need to fly? Stretch? Blend into surroundings? Be a specific color? Using a different sheet of drawing paper, create a comic book cover featuring your superhero self. Add texture, shape, space, color and value to your portrait by using the thin permanent marker and colored pencils. Use this self-portrait as motivation that you are an ART superhero!

Find more information in the Project Activity Guide: Art Finding Your Inner Artist Activity Guide PDF

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Photo by Jess Bailey from Pexels.

5/1/2020 2:51:00 PM
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