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During this challenging time, many families are spending way more time together than they are accustomed to.This is not a bad thing at all.However, spending additional time together with limited access to go places may present a few communication challenges.It is important now more than ever, that you are using effective, healthy communication skills at home. Good communication reduces stress and helps you stay close to your family and friends.

Communication Blockers

Don’t assume you know what others in your family are thinking or feeling - or that your family members know what you are thinking or feeling.

  • Listen when others are talking. Truly listen.
  • Keep focused on the situation being discussed rather than changing the subject.
  • Be aware of your non-verbal signals (Examples: tone of voice, eye contact, facial expressions, arm and leg postures)
  • Don’t just assume the other person thinks they know best.

It’s Not Easy!

Communicating takes practice and effort.Good communication skills work both ways- give clear messages, listen actively and be truthful.

  • Giving clear messages can help you get results on issues between family members and friend.If your messages are clear, they are more likely to listen.
  • Listening actively shows you are ready to discuss the situation and reach a solution.
  • Be truthful.Never lie to them if you want them to understand you and your situation better.

Try these tips when communicating with your parents:

  • Stop – Make the time to talk with your par­ents. Take advantage of everyday opportunities, or plan an activity just for the family.
  • Listen – Be curious. Ask questions about your parents’ ideas and feelings. Get to know them and their world. Be ready to hear things you may not agree with.
  • Talk – Offer your thoughts and feelings. Use a calm voice, and do not get over-excited.

Let’s take a quick look at a video displaying communication dos and don’ts.

Fun Family Bonding Activities

Try some of these family activities. Remember to include everyone in the planning, and make sure everyone in the family is comfortable with the activity chosen. Use this time to communicate with each other.

  • Create history by making family videos.
  • Enjoy outdoors. Go walking, biking, etc.
  • Have a designated time to watch movies together.
  • Eat meals together
  • Play games together (example: charades)

What are some ways you are bonding with your family? Post a picture sharing your family bonding time.

For additional strategies and ideas, please click on the publication LSU AgCenter Pub 3225- Let’s Talk About It.

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